The North Star -1st book-

Luna has no idea what "Earth" is. At least she's heard of it. One day A bunch of space ships land on the North star which is a planet full of people just like on earth. The ships were owned by people on earth who had discovered their planet. Once the Earthlings start to shoot down all of Luna's family and friends, she has no choice but to get in her own space ship and fly off. But while Luna is flying away, she doesn't realize she lands herself on earth. Luke is an ordinary boy, with an ordinary girlfriend, and an ordinary life, until one day. The day the North star planet had decided to come down to earth to get their revenge. Luke has been separated from his parents and placed in an army camp for young boys to fight the aliens from the North star. Eventually, Luke and Luna find each other. They attempt to work together to stop the war, but of course for Luna being alien, and Luke being a human, there are some conflicts, but they try to work together.


7. Chapter 5-Luna

 We all gather around in a circle. I don't know if I can trust them quite yet. I know I trust Luke, Star...she was a knowledge center bully, but I think I can trust her.

"Okay so kindergarten style...How do I put this....What happens is one person introduces themselves. what you say is your name, age, and something about yourself. Anyone willing to start?" The boy with the strawberry blonde hair asks.

The rest in the circle do not step forward, and I don't either.

The boy rolls his eyes and rubs his forehead with his fore fingers.

"Fine, i'll start." He says.

"My name is Sebastian Loomis. I am 17 years old, I don't take stupid crap from anyone. Usually, I mess around, make jokes, blah blah. Today I won't be doing that. Wanna know why? because you guys, and your dumb alien species trying to take over our earth!" Sebastian points at Star and I. Star gives him a disgusted look, but then smirks. I just stare at him blankly with my goblin green eyes.

"You can shut up. even though you are the most gorgeous boy I have ever seen-" Star is interrupted by Sebastian.

"Wait what?-gorgeous?" Star realizes what she just said and continue's her sentence anyways.

"It doesn't mean that you can go and hate on my species. After all we aren't the one's coming to your planet and killing everyone!" Star shouts.

Sebastian throws his arms at her. He grabs her arms and holds her in a tight grip. He is extremely close to her face.


Star's eyes start to tear up. I feel horrible for her. 

As she sits back down, she mumbles something under her breath. "Your kind killed my family.."

Sebastian shakes his head. He is thinking really hard right now. I can just feel his thought going through my brain. I feel like...ever since I stepped foot on this earth, I could see thoughts. Not just any thought of my own...but thoughts of others. Star can see through things all of the sudden! That worries me deeply.

Suddenly, My mind bursts into a hundred different thoughts. I fall to my knees and hold my head. Luke comes over to me and asks if I am okay. My mind is not functioning the way I usually function it. I can't speak, move, or feel. 

Then I see it. I see a girl...she has white pupils like me. She has black hair and a white dress. Then I see the other boys..but not Sebastian. The boy with brown hair  is on a bed and he is injured. The girl looks at me. She looks at me and is scared. I know she is scared, I can see it in her eyes. The boys are yelling at Sebastian like they are depending on him.

Am I reading Sebastian's mind? 

Suddenly I awake. I look around me and see everyone circling me-except Sebastian.

He is pacing around.

"Sebastian.." I say trying to get his attention. I want to ask if knows what I saw. He looks at me with a deadly stare.

"What!?" he shouts. I give him a look that says, "Stop yelling." And he calms down.

"I think I read your-" He interrupts me.

"There was another alien girl..WAIT WHERE IS SHE!? We freaking brought her here." Sebastian shouts. The boy with the brown hair jumps up, and the smaller one with the black hair does the same.

Wow. Right when I was about to mention her.

"Wait..." The two boy's say at the same time. Star's forehead wrinkles like she's thinking of something. She gets up and starts to talk.

"Here you want to find her? I'll find her." Star looks at Sebastian in disappointment. All he does is look at her in disbelief.

Star puts two fingers on each side of her head. She then, closes her beautiful black eyes.

"What is she doing..?" The boy with the brown hair asks. I still do not know their names.

"Shh...She's see through time. I would know because I actually spent time reading when school existed." The scrawny black haired boy said.

"So..if you can see through time...can you see through..things?" I ask. I really wanted to know how Star and I could do these things.

"Actually yes! Scientifically, If you have the ability to touch the future, or even see through time, you can see through anything. It only takes a matter of transparency and...what was it?-ah yes Space travel. You see, since you guys came from a planet-er star and are absorbed to another planets oxygen, then as you hit earths atmosphere your blood flows differently. I also believe-"  The handsome brown haired boy interrupts him.

"OKAY! Axel that's enough." 

I guess his name is Axel. What a cute name. 

"I-I'm Luna." I say with courage. Axel smiles at me.

"I'm Axel, and thats Kyle. I'm sure you know Luke already..and of course you know Sebastian." He shrugs. I smile at him.

Now I know everybody's name. I think it's time I share mine.

"I'm Luna." I say. I can feel my dimples forming in my cheeks. 

Axel is very cute. He is blushing as I look at him.

Suddenly, Star gasps. We all surround her, even Sebastian.

"Well, anything?" Sebastian asks impatiently. His hair is lighter in the sun.

"Yes...uh...she's up there..?" Star says, like its a question.

We all look up to the tree and there she is. sitting on the highest branch is the girl. I feel like I recognize her..from the north star..on the community block. She was the girl who always had her head in books from the knowledge center. She had almost not many friends, and lived with only a mother. I remember...

*Flashback to the North Star*

I walk on the sides of the community "A" roads. It is slightly chilly, and a perfect day to get a cup of warm sweet liquid. Warm sweet liquid was my favorite drink of all time. It was a brown and had a delicious taste to it. I love the North Star. We have three different communities. One of the Communities is community "C". In there is people with birthdays on the day of September. to December. They also have Green ties. In community "B", their birthdays are in May to August. They also have Red ties. And now, My community. We have blue ties and are born from January to April.

As I walk home, I notice a girl walking home as well. She has medium length black hair and a cute uniform with a tie. Her tie was red, that meant she belonged to community "B". I am going to confront this. She is breaking the rules!  

I march over there with my blue tie and her and snatch her book out of her hand. She looks up at as if I had done something wrong.

"Hey! "B" member's are not allowed in community "A"!" I shout at her. She takes her book back and apologizes.

"I was exploring with this new book I am reading. It's called "Explorations of Space" it's pretty good." She replies calmly.

"No, no, no no no! Stop trying to get in my mind! I am only here to escort you out the gate." I say as I grab her arm and drag her outside the gate. She stops in her tracks right before we hit the gate.

"Well. Nice meeting you, I'm Astrid." she forcefully shakes my hand.

"Uhh..I'm Luna? now scram! It's my job to evacuate others." I exclaim.

She smiles and waves.

"I hope to see you again Luna."

*Back to Reality*

It hits me. I knew who she was. I was extremely rude to her.

"Astrid?!" I ask loudly so she can hear me from down here. Her eyes glow.

Everybody looks at me, shocked.

She jumps off the tree and floats down swiftly. Axel's eyes beam when he see's her again. He waves, but she doesn't wave back. 

As she lands on her feet, I realize, Astrid has flying powers.

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