The North Star -1st book-

Luna has no idea what "Earth" is. At least she's heard of it. One day A bunch of space ships land on the North star which is a planet full of people just like on earth. The ships were owned by people on earth who had discovered their planet. Once the Earthlings start to shoot down all of Luna's family and friends, she has no choice but to get in her own space ship and fly off. But while Luna is flying away, she doesn't realize she lands herself on earth. Luke is an ordinary boy, with an ordinary girlfriend, and an ordinary life, until one day. The day the North star planet had decided to come down to earth to get their revenge. Luke has been separated from his parents and placed in an army camp for young boys to fight the aliens from the North star. Eventually, Luke and Luna find each other. They attempt to work together to stop the war, but of course for Luna being alien, and Luke being a human, there are some conflicts, but they try to work together.


6. Chapter 4-Luke

Under the water, I am surrounded by millions of bubbles. The ocean is nice and clear. I look up to see Star's legs paddling away quickly. Then I realize, oh yea, were running from zombies.

Something strange has gone on since the war started. Not just the fact that aliens like Luna, and Star arrived, but zombies are falling from the sky. I don't know what even is going on, but I feel like Luna is safe-a safe alien. Star....I'm not so sure if she's safe. Seems like she wants to kill me.

I could easily go and escape from them. Run away. Never come back. 

But Luna...She saved my life and I have to pay her back for saving my life. After all..she lives with zombies. Practically knows what they're like. But why would she kill her own kind-not that she looks like them at all! I mean...she's...pretty? right?

I swim up for a gasp of air. Star is already on the tiny island ahead. She's looking around. I hope she's looking for us. 

Suddenly, bubbles to the left of me start coming up rapidly. That makes me think, where's Luna?

I take a deep breath and dive under. I swim left and see...oh my god.

Mermaids. They have long-surprisingly not scaly, but..wrinkly skinned tails, long beautiful hair of all sorts of colors, and pinched faces.

Why are there mermaids? 

They didn't exist. These thoughts race through my mind rapidly to the point where I lose breath.

Swimming to the top, I grab air quick and head down under to drowning Luna. I swim closer.

As I try to reach my hand in to grab Luna, the mermaid with the light pink hair grabs my arm and smiles at me. She looks at her mermaid friends and smirks.

Luna looks at me. She's struggling. 

After all, it's been 3 minutes. 3 minutes under water should be bad.

The mermaid cups my face just like Elaine used to do. She then would plant a kiss on my face.

The mermaid kisses me in a weird way. She blows in my mouth.

I pull away and gasp. Suddenly, I can gasp under water? 

"There you go young boy. It's okay now." She says with a smile. Something about this mermaid makes me thinks she has a warm personality all of the sudden.

I open my mouth to speak, and it works.

"How-what-wait-mermaids?!" I ask suddenly startled. The mermaid releases her hands from my face and starts to chuckle.

"Hah well we have been discovered.We've been discovered by multiple creatures-never by humans til now, well at least I haven't. Christopher Columbus had a relationship with my mothers,mothers,sisters-I thought humans were mythical creatures."She says.

I almost start to laugh but then see Luna starting to faint. 

"Wait my friend! why isn't she breathing?" I ask while swimming closer to Luna.

The blue haired mermaid blocks me.

"She's dangerous. She's not a human. look at her eyes." She says.

Luna's eyes did have a different feature. Hers and Stars had white pupils. Maybe all Aliens have white pupils.

"But please, she's my friend!" I yell back. The mermaids whisper among themselves.

Suddenly, something splashes into the water. The mermaids stop smiling at once.

A boy with dark brown hair emerges at us quickly. Or at me.

Kyle Edison. One of my best friend brothers.

He grabs me and pulls me up to the surface. The mermaids racing at us. We reach the surface and I start to cough up water.

"Kyle I-" I try to finish but Kyle jumps back in the water. Suddenly, behind me I see star tied up to a tree struggling.

"Star? how-what?" I start to walk towards her to untie her. I will untie her even though she hates me. That's just the type of guy I am.

Kyle jumps out of the water with Luna's unconscious body. He lies her down on the sand and hugs his knees.

After I untie Star, I head over to him. 

"Dude...whats wrong? How are you not crippled?" I ask.

He shivers, "Mermaids."

He saw the mermaids. I look at Luna. Her body unconscious.

"I'll be right back."

I head over to Luna. I push on her stomach. She doesn't wake.

I can feel the water sloshing around in her stomach. Star joins us.

"You have to blow in her mouth with your mouth." Star says sighing.

I give her a disgusted, but delighted look. 

She looks at me and says,

"What? I just told you what to do. Don't look at me like that."

Snapping out of Stars beauty, I reluctantly blow into Luna's mouth.

She wakes up.

She coughs and coughs.

"Luna? are you alright?" I ask. Star takes my arm and pulls me away.

"I got her. You go deal with your idiot handsome friend who tied me up." She sasses.

I leave them and head over to Kyle.

"You saved me...again.."

"Don't mention it...please.." He replies.

"The mermaids, they're real." I pause for a moment.

"I have a question." I say. He looks up at me with is pale blue eyes.

"How are you healthy? How are you not crippled?" 

He stands up, and pulls up his sleeve. Under his sleeve lies a sign. Great he got a tattoo. The sign is a big circle. A big circle with a little dot on top.

"Since when did you get a tattoo of an unnecessary sign?" I ask slightly annoyed again.

"You see, I felt fine after This sign appeared." He pauses for a moment.

"We left camp." Kyle sits back down and fiddles with the marking.

"When did it appear? You left camp? why?" I have so many questions. Kyle starts to explain everything.

"So after your little friend in the water let off a bomb. I was hurt-badly. So I was in the hospital with Axel and Sebastian came in screaming. He said something like...ALIEN BOMBERS!! RUN! You know how Seb is a jerk, but he stayed with me to try and get me out. Poor little Axel.." I interrupt him.

"Axel? what happened to him?" I ask with my heart racing.

"He's fine-He's with us actually." I interrupt him again.

"With us? you brought them?" 

"Luke! let me finish!" He scolds. I let him finish.

"So anyways, we could hear the bombs. they were getting closer every second. They picked me up together and before we could exit, we saw her. An Alien girl. She had white pupils, medium brown hair I think, and a long white dress. We looked at her, and she looked back. I didn't want her to get hurt, so I told her to run. She didn't run and just stared. Axel started crying because the spaceship was right above us. Just when they threw the bomb she put her arms up and-"

"What? what happened?" I ask eagerly.

"A force field. She created a force field. As soon as she did that The sign started to burn into my arm. It burned on Sebastian back, and on Axels chest. Soon I became stronger. I don't know how it affected them, but anyways, we left. Taking the girl with us.." He finishes.

"Wow...where is Axel?" I ask not asking about Sebastian.

Suddenly, Axel emerges from the tree's and see's me. Followed behind him is Sebastian.

"Luke!" Nerdy Axel shouts as he runs towards me.

I embrace him tightly. He's cold and scrawny, as usual.

"It's been forever! why did you leave?! we met an Alien! ahhhhh I missed you!" Axel is excited.

Sebastian just nods at me and offers his hand to Luna and Star.

"Okay, lets just cut to the case. Aliens are Ruling the world now. We have to do something. There are zombies and we need to work together to fight them." He says.

Star starts to blush. Obviously she finds him attractive or something.

"Hmm...great more humans." Star sighs. She plumps up her short hair and walks off to go and explore the island.

"But..The north star does no harm..." Luna says.

"Here hold on!" Sebastian yells.

"How about...Lets introduce eachother..kindergarten style." He says.

Star turns around at the sound of Seb's voice.

"Kindergarten?" She asks.

"Here, everyone circle up."





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