The North Star -1st book-

Luna has no idea what "Earth" is. At least she's heard of it. One day A bunch of space ships land on the North star which is a planet full of people just like on earth. The ships were owned by people on earth who had discovered their planet. Once the Earthlings start to shoot down all of Luna's family and friends, she has no choice but to get in her own space ship and fly off. But while Luna is flying away, she doesn't realize she lands herself on earth. Luke is an ordinary boy, with an ordinary girlfriend, and an ordinary life, until one day. The day the North star planet had decided to come down to earth to get their revenge. Luke has been separated from his parents and placed in an army camp for young boys to fight the aliens from the North star. Eventually, Luke and Luna find each other. They attempt to work together to stop the war, but of course for Luna being alien, and Luke being a human, there are some conflicts, but they try to work together.


5. Chapter 3-Luna

Star, Luke, and I continue walking down an unknown forest. Luke stops and face palms himself. 

"CRAP!" He exclaims. Star looks back at him annoyed.

"You still haven't finished him off..." Star reminds me.

I know I didn't kill him...I have a reason to. I won't do it because well...I feel like Luke can help us. He can help us get past other humans! He can also confide us in things we aren't supposed to know.

"I know..I will I swear-just-er-give me some time." I reply. Star looks even more annoyed.

"I have to get back to camp!" Luke shouts.

Star and I look at each other and both say, "Why?"

Luke starts sprinting back down the way we came. Star starts to chase after him, and so do I.

We catch up to him in less than 3 seconds. He ruffles his hair and cuts his hand. Startled, I ask, "What are you doing!?"

Star smirks and claps and I lightly punch her arm. She glares at me, but I don't care.

"I'm making myself look like I killed you." He replies as he runs back out to camp. While he is running he covers his hand with a handkerchief that hung from his pants.

Star and I hide behind a nearby bush and eavesdrop.

Suddenly the soldier man notices Luke and goes to him quickly.

"Did you kill it?" the man asks. Luke shrugs and nods carefully.

My stomach makes a noise. I am now wanting food.

"Good! looks like it was  a bloody mess eh?" The man smiles and nudges Luke with his elbow.

Luke slowly nods again. "Yea well...I better go and meet up with Kyle..." Luke says.

The man straightens up and gets a serious face on. "Luke..That alien thing nearly killed Kyle! He's in the Hospital wing. " Luke drops his head.

"WHAT?!" Luke makes a run for it into the building, but the man grabs his arm. "Boy, no one is allowed into Kyles room. Not until he's nearly healed. The outdoors can get him even more infected. No mostly you because you have Alien blood all over you."

The man nods at Luke holding his cap, I nearly blew out chunks of an animal I ate a few days ago.  Star sneezes and I punch her arm. She wipes her nose and glares at me even harder than before.

While I was punching Star I hadn't noticed Luke had disappeared. Star is looking for him too..while punching her hand in defense..? I dunno, but I shake my head and Glance around some more.

After a brief 5 minutes, Star taps me not so lightly. "I found him." I look in the direction she is looking. 


"You found him...?" I ask waving my hands around like i'm asking a question and answering.

"He's just beyond the trees on a nearby cliff." She says. I stand confused. 

"Pfft, so you can see through tree's all the sudden?" I ask, acting smart.

She stares at me like she forgot to tell me something.

"Oh no, not just tree's. I can see through everything." She replies.

I open my eyes really wide and my forehead starts to crinkle. I start to remember about a few hours I..saw a vision..Or a thought-but-it wasn't mine.

Star starts to walk and I follow.

Just past the tree's on a 12 minute walk, lies Luke Connor, sitting on the edge of a cliff.

He looks sad. Star and I walk up to him. When I tap him on the shoulder, he jumps startled and rolls over by our feet.

"AGGGH!" He screams while now in a blocking move. He looks at us like we had killed his entire family. Not a good look.


I laugh at him and he finally calms down forcing himself to giggle.

"So should I push you off this cliff?" Star asks him. I roll my eyes and pull her away from nearly pushing scared Luke off the cliff.

"Whats wrong?" I ask, as I sit beside him. Star looks so frustrated right now.

"YES LUNA KILL HIM! PUSH HIM! I ACTUALLY LIKE YOU NOW!" Star cheers, assuming I was going to hurt Luke.

I give her a disgusted look. "Oh..right I'll give ya some space." She says as she disappears into the trees.

Luke looks me in the eyes. They are perfectly blue. The sunset beams off his eyes.

He shrugs and looks away. "I had a close friend. He saved me from one of the first apocalypse arrivals. One day I was with my best friend-soon to be girlfriend- Elaine. We were in a tree house about to kiss." 

Elaine..? iv'e heard it before..but where from? 

"Kiss? what's a kiss?" I ask. Luke looks at me startled.

He laughs and shakes his head.

"A kiss is when...Never mind. You'll learn one day." He replies.

"You just totally crippled him. You nearly killed him." He changes the topic quickly.

Luke and I stare off into the sunset. Our hand close together-but do not touch. I notice that below us a is a beautiful big blue liquid. 

huh, why didn't I notice that before. I chuckle to myself and Luke notices. He then smiles at me. I smile back.

Luke Connor..Might just be okay.

Suddenly, we hear a scream. I jump up and look into the trees. He does the same.

The scream gets closer, and closer, and closer!

Star runs through the forest to us and yells, "Run you idiots!"

Star gets closer to us and just remembers that we were sitting on a cliff.

"SHITE!" She curses in some North Star language.

Star runs at us, pushes in between us, and jumps off the cliff.

Through the trees a crowd of unpleasant looking creatures from earlier burst from the tree's running at us like wild beasts.

"JUMP THE CLIFF ZOMBIES!!!" Luke screams as he pushes me off the cliff.

My body twirls in the air. Finally I splash into the big blue liquid and I can't quite keep myself up.


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