The North Star -1st book-

Luna has no idea what "Earth" is. At least she's heard of it. One day A bunch of space ships land on the North star which is a planet full of people just like on earth. The ships were owned by people on earth who had discovered their planet. Once the Earthlings start to shoot down all of Luna's family and friends, she has no choice but to get in her own space ship and fly off. But while Luna is flying away, she doesn't realize she lands herself on earth. Luke is an ordinary boy, with an ordinary girlfriend, and an ordinary life, until one day. The day the North star planet had decided to come down to earth to get their revenge. Luke has been separated from his parents and placed in an army camp for young boys to fight the aliens from the North star. Eventually, Luke and Luna find each other. They attempt to work together to stop the war, but of course for Luna being alien, and Luke being a human, there are some conflicts, but they try to work together.


4. Chapter 2- Luke

This girl just saved my life... And I... She's... This girl is a badass! I can tell that she's... Not... Normal. She's from the supposed "North Star" that everyone on the news has been talking about. I can just feel it. 

I'm getting ahead of myself though.

So apparently there's this... Planet, that people- aliens -have been coming down from that NASA found out about and- and have been attacking us! For no reason! So... A girl, from a planet that hates this planet, saved my ass from zombies. Augh! I'm so confused! I thought they hated us!


I stand corrected. She punches me in the jaw, and starts beating me up more.

"I still hate humans." She snaps, and swings at my gut.

"Did you seriously save me just to kill me?!" I shout, then grit my teeth. This girl has a strong punch.

"Yes- No- I do not know, okay? Now stay still so I can hurt you more!" She answers, and swings at my face.

"No way!" I exclaim, and dodge her punch.

She swings at my ribs.

I dodge and go for her perfect face.

She dodges.

"... Stay still!" We both shout in unison.

"Why would I stay still if my opponent- no- enemy- is trying to kill me?!"

"I dunno lady! Why would I do the same?! "

"I do not know! What was that man doing to all of the little men in the brown houses?! Explain that to me, Luke Connor!"

"First of all, it's called a military camp, we're supposed to be trained to fight your planet! Second of all, stalking people is rude! How the hell do you know my name? How long have you been following me?!"

"Less than an hour! I only know you are called Luke Connor because of that man at your... 'Military camp'..."

"Oh... Just call me Luke."

"But aren't you called Luke Connor?"

"Connor is my last name. Anyways, what's your name?"

"Why do you deserve to know? Luke."

"Because you know my name."

".... My name is Luna. You are the only human that gets to know this information. If you tell any other small humans, I will eliminate you slowly. I hate the human race, no less than this filthy planet."

"Woah! Dark much?"



This lady is hella crazy and needs to calm the frick down. How is the earth filthy? Why is her planet attacking us? I clearly can't ask her without her turning into a dark psychopathic weapon.



"I hate you."

"Gee, thanks."

She opens her mouth to say something, but is cut off when we both hear an explosion in the distance.

"Another ship...?" I hear her whisper to herself.

She runs to where the explosion came from, and I follow her.

"Wait! Luna wait for the hated person!"

"No thank you! Why don't you just keep up?"

"Because I can't run as fast as you!" I pant.

"Humans..." She mutters.

Finally we stop at a crash site, presumably where we heard the explosion.

It ends up being a space ship, just like Luna said, and it's dug into the ground half way, smoke coming out of every area possible.

Suddenly, a door in `the ship flies off, and a foot, followed by a really, really hot girl with blue hair and a short, silky green dress.

I lick my hand and run it through my hair, and dust myself off. Luna sees me do this and rolls her eyes, followed by a, "I will rip you to shreds" stare.

The girl notices Luna and immediately scowls, then smirks.

"Well well well! If it isn't Luna." She sasses.

"Oh...hey Star..." Luna replies Glumly.

Star is her name. I feel like i'm in love! I feel like I could send her a thousand roses.

"So...Star?" I say flirtatiously, while trying to lean on the tree next to me...which happened to be imaginary.

I fall on Luna and she catches me. I stare up at her grey eyes. 

After 5 seconds of that, she pushes me off and says, "Ridiculous." 

Star smirks at Luna, "You know I'd expect something on planet Earth more....amusing."

Star keeps smirking at Luna. I sorta figured out that Star doesn't find Luna very amusing at all. Maybe they were enemies.

"Star, what are you doing here?" Luna asks.

Star then claps her hands lightly like she's congratulating someone on being dumb.

"Haven't you heard? All of the North Star is coming down for revenge."

I choke on my own spit at this.

"Wait what?! North Star-revenge?" I cough out.

Luna looks like she wants to stab someone.

"Revenge on the Humans..? That would be-" Star interrupts Luna.

"FABULOUS!" She says.

While Star is Examining Luna, she caught me from the side of her eye and grins.

"Who's he?" She asks.

I clear my throat and speak up.

"Connor, Luke Connor. I'm a Human." 

She looks startled. Star keeps staring me down.

Suddenly she launches her fists at me. I cover my head with my arms-a block I learned.

"NO!" Luna yells.

I release from my block and see Luna Blocking Stars hit.

Saved my life again. This girl is on fire!

"What the hell Luna? He's a human! His kind is killing ours and the first thing we need to do is kill them first!"

I look at Luna. She looks Guilty, mad, and sad.

"Just leave him!" She shouts, "He's mine to finish."



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