The North Star -1st book-

Luna has no idea what "Earth" is. At least she's heard of it. One day A bunch of space ships land on the North star which is a planet full of people just like on earth. The ships were owned by people on earth who had discovered their planet. Once the Earthlings start to shoot down all of Luna's family and friends, she has no choice but to get in her own space ship and fly off. But while Luna is flying away, she doesn't realize she lands herself on earth. Luke is an ordinary boy, with an ordinary girlfriend, and an ordinary life, until one day. The day the North star planet had decided to come down to earth to get their revenge. Luke has been separated from his parents and placed in an army camp for young boys to fight the aliens from the North star. Eventually, Luke and Luna find each other. They attempt to work together to stop the war, but of course for Luna being alien, and Luke being a human, there are some conflicts, but they try to work together.


3. Chapter 1- Luna


A Few Weeks after the war started



That is all I think of while wiping the liquid from my eyes.

I trip over a stick and breathe heavily.

Where am I? Why is the air so different?

My mind is racing.

I keep running until I see a big building. It has a variety off little brown houses around it.

Confused, I walk toward it. A tall Man with a serious face walks out of the big building and I stop and hide behind a tree.

"ALL SOLDIERS WAKE UP NOW!!!!" He yells while banging a little bell with a stick.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a crowd of young boys emerge from the little brown houses wearing the same outfits and line up.

I rub my head because my vibes are racing even faster than before.

"Kyle Edison!" He yells.

On the end of the line of boys, a tall boy with light brown hair, black eyes, and tan skin yells, "HERE!"

I watch as he keeps calling names and the boys call back.

"Axel Reen!" 

"HERE!" a little black haired scrawny boy yells.

"Luke Connor!" 


After about a few more names, the man stops calling them and makes the boys do things.

They climb high buildings.

Throw knives.

Fight each other with sticks.

After a while of waiting I walk around a little more and discover some more things on the ground.

Bits, and pieces of space ships.

Gun powder, and more things. I scratch my head.

Suddenly, a blast of energy bursts through my head. I fall to my knees, and grab my head.

The thoughts are not mine. Definitely not mine.

I see a man....He has a liquid in a skinny bottle with a sharp point....He injects it in the boy...the one just a few moments ago yelled, "HERE!" Luke Connor?

When he injects the liquid in him...Luke starts to shoot fire from his hands....

The thoughts race quicker than the speed of light. Finally, it ends.

I gasp a huge breath on this weird planet. 

I can only assume it is earth. The cruel place.

I glance over to the materials I gathered together before the strange, strange things that went through my mind.

What can I do with this? From the corner of my eye I see another lost thing.

A little rectangle with a flower pattern. It also contained a little red lever.

I picked up the bag and the little object and compared them close together.

Suddenly, as I click the lever, a boy behind me yells, "Wait Don't!"

I look behind me.

A big boom throws the boy in the air. I cannot tell what boy it was.

I am in flames but I feel nothing.

Near the camps in the distance about 50 other boys run to see what had happened.

Shocked, I keep running. The boys chase me and throw sticks, fire, knives.

As I keep running, My flames go away.

But what I did not know until I looked back is that there was only one boy left chasing me.

Luke Connor.

He was faster than the others.

Far, Far away I see big building with steam coming out of it.

I think why not run in? I can easily hide in there.

As I zoom into the building, Luke Connor yells, "Get back here!"

Inside, there are a lot of stairs.

I run up them, but I hear a noise up there. I don't want to go back down.

Suddenly, a rapid looking creature shaped as a human, starts running down at me quickly kick it over the ledge.

It falls right near Luke Connor.

He gags and says something like, "Zombie!"

Then as I was looking at him he spots me.

I run up stairs but more of the creature are piling down. They also seem to be coming up the stairs.

The thing I am really worried about is.....

Why did it try to bite me?

I start to fight off the creatures but I can also hear Luke Connor fighting them to.

He has a little knife, and a long stick I am guessing is used for beating.

I finish off 6 creatures and head back up stairs.

In less than a minute, I feel something trying to hit me from behind.

In a split second I turn around and block Luke Connors Stick.

For about 30 seconds we just stare into each others eyes.

His eyes are grey. Grey and Blue.

His face is full of dirt and his clothes are dirty too.

He also has brown hair, and mocha colored skin.

His mouth is twitching like he wants to speak.

This is really odd because my hand is still blocking his stick.

He is staying still like he's observing me.

Suddenly from behind him, another creature stays still and quiet, and it's about to strike at Luke Connor.

I quickly stop blocking his stick and He looks dumbfounded.

"Duck." I say.

Iooking confused, surprisingly he ducks.

I jack the Creature in the face and it doesn't knock out.

So I step on Luke Connors back and kick it down the stairs.

As I jump off of Luke Connors back.

He stands back up looking slightly confused.

"You saved my life..." He says.



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