Kate Smithson isn't a normal eleven year-old. She's a Metamorphagus, has photographic memory, and is in a wheelchair due to an accident that claimed her ability to walk and her family's lives. How will she cope with loss, bullying, friendship, fights, and being a foster child at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?


15. The Room of Requirement

  Classes had been going well. Kate and Kennedy had been getting the best grades of the class, Angelina and Alicia following close behind. But the boys were very behind, so any time that Kate wasn't working on homework or planning pranks, she was checking their homework and correcting it.

     Otherwise, they had done so many pranks that they had 'earned' a whole drawer due to wrong-doing. Basically, they had all spent about 30% of their time at Hogwarts so far in detention. It was now the day before Christmas break, and Kate was working with Karley (who was a Hufflepuff) and another girl (a Ravenclaw she'd befriended) named Lily Brown on a Charms project. Lily's hair was a pretty red and her eyes were colorful. She got some of the top grades in Ravenclaw, and she was funny; she cracked jokes whenever there was tension or silence.

 They were working in library at six. It was empty besides them because everyone else was at dinner. Kate dotted her paper and said, "Done."

Karley said, "I think I'll finish this over break. We should get to dinner." They went to dinner, and Kate said goodbye to Karley and Lily. They were going home for Christmas break, as well as Alicia Spinnet and Angelina. Kate finished her Potions essay at the table and started to eat a bowl of ice cream when a glob of jam hit her head, causing her hair to turn a fiery red. 

   Kate turned to the boys and crossed her arms. Their faces turned maroon and Fred stammered, "It's...n-not what you think!" 

 Kate said, "I won't take my anger out on you now. Come with me." They reluctantly followed behind her, and Kennedy came too, running to keep up with the sprinting Yorkie. She went to the seventh floor, by a painting that was labeled 'Barnabas the Barmy'. Kate turned human again and rolled past a certain area, thinking 'I need a place to show them my past and my feelings. I need a place to show them my past and my feelings. I need a place to show them my past and my feelings.' 

      Lee said, "What in the name of Merlin are you doin', Kate?" A door appeared. 

Kate opened the door and rolled in, saying, "Welcome to the Room of Requirement. Today this room is used as a way for you to understand me. I'll be waiting for you guys over in the other room. I have duplicated my memories so you may view them. First you must study this room if you want to actually know me."

    She rolled away without saying another word. They walked over to the walls which were covered in pictures and parchment, and a bowl in the middle of the room with five vials. Kennedy said, "I've seen one of these before! It's a Pensieve! They're used to show memories. Let's go look at them." They walked up to the Pensieve and Kennedy took the cork out of the vial and poured it in. She said, "You dip your head in and watch the memory; then jerk your head up when it's done. One, two, three!"

  They all plunged into the Pensieve, and they were immediately standing by a country road. In the blink of an eye, they saw Kate and her family in a car, being run over by a by a blurry truck driven by a drunk truck driver. An ambulance had come up, two paramedics carrying Kate on a stretcher. She was sobbing hysterically. Kate cried, "Where are they?! Where are they?! Ava?! Ollie?! Mom?! Dad?!" 

 Kennedy had tears streaming silently down her face. The boys had tears in their eyes, threatening to slip. A paramedic came up to her and solemnly said, "I'm sorry, hon. They didn't make it." Kate's screams could be heard from miles away. Her screams and sobs got louder.

"Mom!! Dad!! No! No! No!"

    The memory faded and their heads jerked back up. Kennedy whispered, "Oh my gawd. Oh my gawd!"

 Fred said, "We gotta go talk to her!", and was about to go to the door, but was held back by George.

   "She said not to go until we watch all the memories and look at everything," George said. Fred sighed and stopped struggling. Kennedy poured in the next memory, and they all plunged in.

  It carried on from the first memory. They were sitting in the ambulance and saw Kate laying there, crying and moaning. There was a flash and they were in St. Mungo's. Healers were wrapping Kate in bandages and casts. One said, "She's lucky to be alive." Another flash and they were in a temporary ward, looking at Kate laying there reading a book titled 'Cures to the Most Terrible Injuries of the 20th Century'. 

 They jerked up again and Kennedy poured in another memory, plunging in. The memory was before the accident. It looked like Christmas morning. Kate was opening a box that was full of books while another girl that was older opened a long present that turned out to be a broomstick. The girl had a tall stature, brownish red hair, and giraffe pajamas. A little boy who was short, had red hair, and was wearing purple pajamas was opening what looked like a miniature version of the girl's present. Kate exclaimed, "Whoa! Ava, you got a Cleansweep 7! What'd you get, Ollie?" 

     The little boy had torn the paper and yelled, "I got a toy broom!" He picked it up and started flying around on it. 

Two people who looked like the parents came in and the father said, "Come on guys! We're going to Hogsmede for Christmas dinner!"

 The memory faded into black. Kennedy poured the next one in. It was Kate, trying out her little wheelchair for the first time. The Healer was trying to teach Kate how to roll around. "Now Kate, all you have to do is use your arms to push! It's not that hard!"

   "But Heather, why can't I just use the magic I thought up? It works!" Kate whined. She snapped her fingers and the wheelchair levitated.

 Heather waved her wand and Kate went down. "You know the rule, Kathryn! Accidental magic is allowed, but not that!" Kate sulked as the memory faded. 

 Lee said, "Well!" He was about to continue when Kennedy poured the last vial into the Pensieve and grabbed his dreadlocks, dunking him in. They saw Kate running back to the girl's dormitory after the boys had been fighting over her. They could see the tears running down her face, and she ran into the dormitory. She snapped her fingers and she levitated onto her bed; and a piece of parchment with a quill came out of her bag, writing in a neat cursive I don't want them to fight over me. I don't want them to fight. I don't want them to fight. I don't. over and over as she sobbed onto her bed. There was the sound of sliding outside, which must've been the boys on the stairs. 

  Willow jumped onto the bed and rubbed up against her. Kate whispered, "Oh Willow, why is it that whenever someone fights like this, I have to get into the brunt of it? I wish it would be gone. I wish could just be gone."

   They jerked up, and Kennedy whispered, "Wow. We should quickly look at all of this, then we can go see Kate." 

  The kids went around and looked at all of the pictures on the walls. Pictures of Kate as a baby, her riding her first broom, and her rolling around in Diagon Ally. Fred grabbed a piece of parchment and said, "We should use this! It's a code to Kate's emotions." He pocketed it and said, "That's it. Let's go." They all ran to the door and threw it open, going through it.

 It was a small, dark purple room. Kate's wheelchair was folded up in the corner, and Kate was levitating in a meditative form. Fred whispered, "Uh, Kate?"

   She opened her right eye and said, "Good. You came through. Sit on those Xs. I'm going to show you how I feel." Kind of confused, they sat on the Xs on the floor. She closed her eye and explained, "I already showed you some of my past, so now I'll show you my emotions. Professor Dumbledore has been teaching me Legilimency. I'm going to go into your minds and give you a very small taste of some of my worst, yet strongest emotions. Don't resist if you feel a little pain in your mind. Brace yourselves."

   They closed their eyes and Kate cried, "Legilimens!" In an instant, they felt strong rage pierce their minds, then terrible sorrow, jealousy pounding in their ears, and worry squeezing any happiness out. But then there was joy, reminding them of any good memories they ever had.

 They opened their eyes. Lee said, "Whoa."

Kate levitated back down and opened her own eyes, pulling her limp legs to her chest. "This is how I feel. I talked to Dumbledore about my strong emotions, and he said that because all of my family is dead, all of their potential magical power flooded to me. Combining with my Metamorphagus powers, those emotions could be too powerful. That's why I come here with Dumbledore about twice a week and calm myself down."

   There was a very awkward silence. Kate snapped her fingers, and her wheelchair popped open, and she levitated into it. "Let's go back to the dorms. It's already," she looked at her watch, "ten to nine. Curfew's in ten minutes! Let's go. If you ever need anything, just come here, to the Room of Hidden Things." They quickly went back to the Gryffindor dormitory, ready for tomorrow's first Christmas at Hogwarts.

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