Kate Smithson isn't a normal eleven year-old. She's a Metamorphagus, has photographic memory, and is in a wheelchair due to an accident that claimed her ability to walk and her family's lives. How will she cope with loss, bullying, friendship, fights, and being a foster child at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?


9. The Interview

Rita took her bags and set them down in a corner. Kate took the hot chocolate, her hair white, and sipped it nervously. Rita pulled out parchment an acid green quill and said, "Quick-Quotes quill, hon. Does the long work for me. Dumbledore checked it and made it so it won't stretch anything. Now, Prodigy with Tragedy, by Rita Skeeter."

 The quill wrote: Headline, Prodigy with Tragedy, written by the beautiful reporter, Rita Skeeter. The story of Kate Smithson, a young girl that mangled her legs and lost her family in a car collision, but still is powerful enough to live on.

Rita leaned forward and said, "How do you feel about this, Kate?"

    Kate nervously said, "I loved my family, but they're not in pain, I guess?"

Kate is terribly distressed that her family was taken, but she thinks of the better side. "They're not in pain," she says.

Rita questioned, "What do you do now? Do you have a family to love, or are you orphaned? Who do you live with now?"

   Kate bit her lip and stammered, "I-I'm a foster kid. I lived with the Tonks for a year, they were great, but now I live with the Weasleys, who treat me like a foster kid should be treated. I was never orphaned or sent to an orphanage. The time I wasn't with a foster family, I was at St. Mungo's."

Kate is a foster child, currently with Arthur and Molly Weasley. She never complained about living with them, or with her previous family, Ted and Andromeda Tonks. "They're both great families," she said. "They treat me like a foster kid should be treated. Not like an object, like a daughter." Kate was never lived at an orphanage, always at a foster family, but before that, was at St. Mungo's.

Rita went on. "What's it like being a prodigy? How do you manage? Can you do wandless magic?" 

  Kate said, "It's like being any other kid. I honestly don't like being treated differently. The wheelchair already makes me stand out. I manage simple spells, but I use to do it wandless. I got a wand from Ollivander's a few hours ago."

Kate thinks that she should be treated like any other kid. "The wheelchair stands out in the Muggle world, but in the Wizarding World, it stands out even more." But Kate is a prodigy, and she can manage simple spells. Before getting a wand yesterday from Ollivander's Wands, she managed wandless. Rita Skeeter, reporting from the Leaky Cauldron.

The quill stopped and dropped back into her bag, taking the parchment with it. Rita exclaimed, "Amazing doll! Now, can I get a shot of you performing a spell?" She held up a camera and took a shot while she did a spell. Rita said, "Thanks doll. I gotta get this to the Prophet! Cheers!" She walked out of the Leaky Cauldron.

             Speaking for the first time since in Diagon Ally, Dumbledore said, "Kate, I don't like Ms. Skeeter. She stretches the truth. Please finish your drink, and we will be going."

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