Kate Smithson isn't a normal eleven year-old. She's a Metamorphagus, has photographic memory, and is in a wheelchair due to an accident that claimed her ability to walk and her family's lives. How will she cope with loss, bullying, friendship, fights, and being a foster child at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?


10. Pranksters United

Kate and Dumbledore appartated back, and Kate turned back to human form, calling, "Molly? George? Fred? Ginny? Arthur?" 

    Molly came in and said, "Kate! Good, you're back! Percy's up in his room, Arthur is at work, and the others are out at the orchard. Was there something you'd like, dear?" 

 Kate looked at the owls, hidden from view, and said, "Do you have some ribbon?" Molly passed her a roll of purple ribbon, then Dumbledore pulled Molly aside, saying something about her wand. Kate took her supplies into the living room, putting bows made out of the purple ribbon on the owls' cages (not hers, though). Carefully tying parchment notes to the owls' legs, she made her way up the stairs and put the cages on the beds.

        Kate put her wand in her pocket and turned dog, running to the orchard. After watching them for a few minutes, she howled, high and loud. They all stopped and looked down. After a moment of silence, Fred and George yelled, "Kate!" 

     She barked, then howled again. They all flew down and Kate changed back. They all hugged her and Ginny said, "How was it?" 

         Kate said, "It was the most amazing thing ever! Now, I need to borrow you, misters Gred and Forge." The boys laughed and Kate went dog. They all raced back to the house.

 Molly, alone now that Dumbledore had gone, said, "Boys, can you take Kate's supplies upstairs?" Kate ran up, while the boys, grunting under the weight of all her stuff, trudged up after her. When they had gotten to the bedroom, they dropped everything, and stood awestruck at the owls.

   Finally, Fred laughed, "Owls? For us? Who would buy such beautiful owls, for US?" 

         Kate, hair pink and face bright red, gave it away. They pulled her into a bone crushing hug. Once Kate worked her way out, she pulled out her cauldron and supplies. The twins groaned. "Come on! I'm just trying a potion I saw in Do It Yourself Pranks." They were instantly intrigued, and Kate laughed. 

  Kate, pulling out the book, started working quickly. She whispered requests to the boys as she went, like, "Can you pass me the boomslang skin?" or  "Get the spherical vials from the Apothecary bag." or "Grab the collapsible iron funnel from the bag." Fred and George had gone downstairs at one time and brought up a plate of ham sandwiches and bottles of pumpkin juice. Kate didn't even look up from the potion; eating while stirring the mix and adding dandelion roots.

           Charlie and Ginny came up; Ginny said, "Hey guys." Fred and George said hi, but Kate was focused. Charlie said, "Kate? Um, Kate? Um, what's with Kate?"

 George said, "Kathryn's making a potion." Kate didn't look up, but her hair turned a fiery red.  They laughed and Kate muttered something, and the potion turned a shade of pink. 

 Kate grabbed a ladle, the iron funnel, and the sphere-shaped vials, then started spooning the potion into the vials. She had put over thirty of those vials filled and in egg cartons. Then she carefully screwed black caps that had a hole in the middle on, and placed iron pins in those holes. 

     Kate looked up, sweat glistening on her forehead. She said, "There! I just made thirty Multi-Colored Dung/Paint Bombs."

Fred looked like Christmas had come early. "Dung Paint Bombs?! Like, the ones that cost fifteen Galleons EACH?!"

        Kate nodded, wiping her forehead on her sleeve. She breathlessly said, "Yes. Now, what time is it?"

  George, still smiling, said, "About three o'clock." Kate looked surprised. She had spent FOUR HOURS on that potion? She spent four hours on that potion.

    Kate said, "Now boys, you better use those wisely. That's half your Christmas present. But I need to tell you about something. Muffliato. My, um, father told me that when he was at Hogwarts, he was taken to Filch's, the caretaker's, office. He spotted a drawer that said 'Confiscated and Highly Dangerous'. Dad said that he wanted me to get in there. That's why he told me about this book, and then gave me those homemade vials. I made a plan. On the first day of school, one of you will set a bomb off on one side of school, then one of you on the other side of school, and then work your way to the Great Hall, causing a commotion. I will take my endless/weightless bag and a bomb, turn Animagus, and go to Filch's office. I'll grab something from the drawer, put it into my bag, and set off the bomb. To blow the bomb, take out the pin and throw it."

 Fred and George looked excited. George questioned, "You said multi colored? The ones at Zonko's are only one color."

    Kate smiled and said, "I put a little bit of my hair in. Now, I want to read all my books." She put them in her bag and pointed to the door, shouting, "Talley ho!"

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