Kate Smithson isn't a normal eleven year-old. She's a Metamorphagus, has photographic memory, and is in a wheelchair due to an accident that claimed her ability to walk and her family's lives. How will she cope with loss, bullying, friendship, fights, and being a foster child at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?


11. Platform 9 3/4 and the Hogwarts Express

On the day before they would go to Hogwarts, Dumbledore appartated to the Burrow at eight o'clock in the morning, surprising everyone. He said, "Good day Weasleys. Kathryn (her hair turned red), come with me. You're Animagus registration is today." Everyone was silent, and Kate's hair turned white. She stammered, "O-okay Professor." Kate went over to him and she felt like she was pulled through a straw.

         When they reached the Ministry, they went up to a tall desk. The secretary, not looking up from her papers, monotonously said, "State your name, business, and department needed, then place your wand on the counter."

 Dumbledore said, "Albus Dumbledore with Kathryn Smithson. Kathryn's Animagus registration with the Department of Magical Law Enforcement." He took Kate's wand, and with his, he put them up on the counter. The secretary looked up, stamped a paper, and passed the paper along with the wands to Dumbledore. He took them and said, "This way, Kate."

   Dumbledore passed her wand back to her and lead her to the nearest lift. They went to the second floor and one of the smaller offices that read 'Animagus Registry'. Dumbledore walked right in, taking Kate with.him. In there was none other than Professor McGonagall. She looked up and said, "Albus? You're the reason I had to come in today? We could've just done it at Hogwarts tomorrow!"

       Dumbledore, eyes still twinkling, whispered, "It's not me, Minerva. It's Kathryn." 

McGonagall stammered, "Oh! Kate, come over here." Kate's hair turned white and she rolled over. McGonagall continued, "Turn into your Animagus." Kate went dog and laid down. McGonagall passed Dumbledore a form and said, "Fill out that form, please. Kate, I'm going to measure you and look at you."

  McGonagall had snapped her fingers, and a floating tape measure started measuring her. McGonagall, writing down the measurements, muttered, "Height, 19.05 cm; weight, 2.26796 kg; black back; brown else; female."

    When she was done, she set down her quill and said, "You can change back." Kate went back and waited. McGonagall, taking Dumbledore's completed paper, said, "Kathryn Charity Flo Smithson, you are now a registered Animagus. Congratulations."

Kate, smiling, though hair red (she doesn't like her full name), said, "Thanks Professor! I hope to see you tomorrow." McGonagall nodded sharply and Dumbledore took Kate out the door. 


The next day, everyone was frantically running around, trying to find everything. Kate had everything packed and downstairs by six fifteen; they had to be leaving by six thirty because it was a four hour drive. Molly was rushing, making sandwiches. All the others finally came downstairs, and Arthur was loading all the trunks into the enlarged car. 

   Molly passed out the sandwiches and started bustling kids out the door, into the car. George had lifted Kate into the car, and Fred had put her wheelchair in the back with the trunks. After four hours in the car, they had reached King's Cross Station. They had gotten out and found carts, loading the trunks, pets, and bags onto the carts. Arthur had lifted Kate off her wheelchair onto her cart and strapped the wheelchair to the back of it.

     They had finally reached the barrier between platform 9 and 10. Molly said, "Bill, you first." Bill ran with his cart into the wall, and when Kate looked back, he had disappeared. Charlie went, and then Molly said, "Kate next." Arthur started pushing her, and Kate was about to shout for him to stop as her hair turned white, not to run into the wall, but the wall never came. Instead, when she looked back up (she was closing her eyes, afraid), they had gone into what looked like another station.

         Her hair turned lilac from happiness. The platform was full of kids with trunks and proud parents. Kate looked at the scarlet steam engine that read in bold letters The Hogwarts Express. Fred and George came out from behind them, and in unison, said, "Wicked." Kate smiled.

 While Fred and George went to find a compartment, Molly hugged Kate. She said, "Now, be good and make us proud. We talked to Dumbledore, and we're going to take care of you the whole time you're at Hogwarts. We're not adopting you, but you'll stay with us when you aren't at Hogwarts. Good bye hon! Now go find the boys."

  Kate waved and took her trunk up the stairs (her wheels were magical; they could go upstairs). She took Willow, her black cat, out of her cage and shrunk the cage, putting it in her pocket, and put Willow on her lap. Then she attached her owl's (Blythe) cage to the back of her wheelchair. 

    Kate finally saw the boys, soaking wet, sitting in a compartment with a darker skinned kid with dreadlocks. The kid saw her and pointed, making the boys look. George came out and put all of her school stuff on the rack above, and sat her down on the seat by the kid. Kate, hair white, squeaked, "Hi."

 Fred said, "Lee, this is Kate. Kate, Lee. Lee, Kate is our foster sister. Kate, we came in here and got soaked by a bucket full of water that Lee put up; that's why we like him." 

        Lee said, "So this is the chick you were talkin' 'bout. Looking good, hottie." Kate blushed, hair pink. She snapped her fingers, and a pair of robes came out of her trunk. They silently went on her and the trunk closed. Lee whispered, "Whoa. Girl, you are talented. Can I borrow a kiss? I promise to give it back." The boys were laughing, but Kate's hair turned red with anger. She flicked her hand, and Lee's dreadlocks were yellow. 

 He was about to say something when an older lady slid open the compartment door and said, "Anything off the trolley, dears?" 

Kate said, "Yes please. I'll take three packages of crystallized pineapple, two boxes of ice mice, six cauldron cakes, twelve chocolate frogs, and a box of pink coconut ice. I kind of can't get up, so can you just tell me the total, give me the candy, and I'll pay you, miss?" 

    She smiled and said, "Oh! You're Miss Kate Smithson! Of course dear." She put all the candy on the space by Kate.

 Kate passed her ten Galleons and said, "Keep the change." She smiled and moved along. Kate closed the compartment and tossed two cauldrons cakes and three chocolate frogs to each of the boys, surprising them. Kate took out a Divination book called Xylomancy as she ate the crystallized pineapple. Willow fell asleep on her lap as the boys talked about Quidditch. 

 When they had gotten there, Kate looked up to find the boys in there robes, and Lee's dreadlocks back to their original color (finally). She put Willow in her cage and her book back in her trunk. They were about to pick up all of there supplies when, over a loudspeaker, someone said, "Please leave all of your items on the train. They will be taken separately to the castle."

    They set everything back down, and Fred popped open Kate's wheelchair. George was about to pick her up when Lee asked, "May I?" He picked her up bridal style and swooned, "If being attractive was a crime, you'd be in jail for life." 

Kate, hair red, slapped him right across the face and spat, "Put me down you [censored]!" Looking shocked, he dropped her in the wheelchair. She rolled out of there, hair still a fiery red, and off the train.

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