Kate Smithson isn't a normal eleven year-old. She's a Metamorphagus, has photographic memory, and is in a wheelchair due to an accident that claimed her ability to walk and her family's lives. How will she cope with loss, bullying, friendship, fights, and being a foster child at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?



I forgot to publish a disclaimer at the beginning, so here's one at the end: 

NONE of these characters are mine except for Kate Smithson, her family, Kennedy Zimmberman, Karley Schieffer, and Dylan Crabbe.

Lily Brown was a suggested character by a reader (thank you very much!) and if you want a character to be in any of my other Movellas you may suggest them on Blossom's comment section.

J.K. Rowling is a brilliant mastermind that created the Wizarding World and all of the characters in it, and I should say or do nothing that tells anyone that I created them and I own them. 

If ANYONE accidentally thought that I created the Wizarding World and/or wizarding characters, I would unwillingly inform them that I'm not at ALL that amazing and awesome and that I did/could not create them.

If anyone thinks I'm that awesome, I'm very flattered.

Please note that this Movella took A LONG TIME. I don't understand but want to know the secrets of the marvelous J.K. Rowling of how she wrote 7 books in only a number of years. It took me months to do only 17 very short chapters and get through a BUNCH of writer's block.

                                                                                                     Forever yours,

                                                                                                           Katie Bloomwell

Please note,

My Blogs contain any information about future Movellas, so check them out for info! Thanks!

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