Kate Smithson isn't a normal eleven year-old. She's a Metamorphagus, has photographic memory, and is in a wheelchair due to an accident that claimed her ability to walk and her family's lives. How will she cope with loss, bullying, friendship, fights, and being a foster child at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?


16. Christmas....and Pranks :)

  During the night, Kate woke up and went down to the common room, trying to sleep. She had woken up in the middle of a different nightmare, confusing her and terrifying her at the same time. It was of Fred and George, trying to pull her toward them, but she was trapped in a glass box as a fire was lit under her. As she screamed in pain, the twins looked evil and had started to laugh, and behind them, everyone she'd ever loved were on a road: her family, the Weasleys, the Tonks, Kennedy, Angelina, Alicia, Karley, Lily, and the real Fred and George were just standing there screaming with pain as You-Know-Who tortured them, unknown that she was right over there. Kate had just decided to go to the common room to got to the common room instead of dealing with the real Kennedy's snores.

    Meanwhile, Fred had awoken shortly afterward to the very soft sound of crying, barely heard. He quietly went out of his dorm and saw Kate lying on the couch in front of the fireplace, eyes closed, tears slipping silently down her cheeks. He walked down the stairs and sat on the other couch cushion. He looked at her for a bit, noticing that she hadn't heeded his presence, then pulled her into a hug. She stopped crying and looked at him, her face turning a bright red and her hair a bright pink, and choked out, "Fred? W-what're y-you doing d-down h-here?"

Looking concerned, Fred whispered, "What're you doing here crying, love?"

       Kate's hair turned an even brighter pink, forced a weak smile, and playfully pushed him, whispering, "I asked you first, Freddie!"

  He picked her up and put her on his lap, and whispered, "I heard you crying. Now, what I want to know is why."

    Her hair turned a navy blue and she breathed, "My family. I loved sharing Christmases with them. And I had a terrible nightmare."

 Some tears dripped on her face as she looked down with embarrassment. Fred lifted her head up with his finger, making her look him in the eye. Tears dripped down her face faster. He used his thumbs to wipe her tears and quietly said, "Do you know what I love about you?"

      Kate opened her eyes and whispered, "What?"

   Fred smiled and teased, "I love it when your hair turns pink. And that you never fail to hide what you mean. You might want to work on that." Her face turned a brighter shade of red and her hair turned magenta. Fred laid down on the couch and she laid down onto him. As she fell asleep, Fred could still feel heart beating.


        "Poke her."

 "No, she's still sleeping!"

    "I can't believe you Fred! I just can't! You knew that us two liked her too, and you go have her sleep on your lap until dawn."


      "I'm sorry, Georgie, but I heard her crying and I couldn't help but come down."

      "Fine. I'll poke her." Kate felt a sharp poke right in the middle of her rib cage. She gave a dramatic moan, and also a persuasive stir. 

   "Shh! Kate's waking up!"

Kate opened her eyes and saw four faces above her: the angry faces of Lee and George, the giddy face of Fred, and the confused face of Kennedy. She exclaimed, "Good morning Kate! Happy Christmas!"

      Kate whispered, "Pardon me, but I can't get up." Fred lifted her bridal style and sat her in the wheelchair. Kate's hair turned pink and she muttered, "Thanks." 

 She looked at Kennedy and jerked her head toward the girl's dormitory. Kate noticed that both of the twins were already wearing what looked like homemade jumpers that were blue with the appropriate yellow first initials on them. George furiously said, "No, you're not going up there! We need to talk!" But Kate had already turned dog and up the stairs with Kennedy.

   They heard angry shouting from the common room, so they went inside their dormitory and Kate put Muffilito on. Kennedy crossed her arms and smiled, saying, "What'd you guys do last night?"

      Kate levitated herself onto the bed and blushed, hair pink, and said, "I just fell asleep on him. That's it."

Kennedy laughed and teased, "You sly dogs. On an unrelated topic, we should open our presents!" Kate had just noticed the large pile of gifts at the end of her four-poster bed. Kate usually didn't get lots of presents with the Tonks; they always put money toward school supplies. 

 Kate and Kennedy dove into their presents. Kate had sent presents to her families and others by owl order from Hogsmede. From Ted and Andromeda she'd gotten an attachable cushion for her wheelchair and some Crystallized Pineapple (her favorite). From Dora she had a book called Metamorphagi: A Guide to Control Over Emotional Transformations. Even though Dora was still at Hogwarts, she never saw her.

   There was a big package that was addressed from the Weasleys. Inside was a very large knitted blue sweater with a yellow K on the front, like the twins'. Ginny had put in a charm necklace that she'd made herself. It had a little wheelchair charm, a heart charm, a lion charm, an F, a G, another G, and a K. Kate put it on and saw that there were a dozen mince pies, too. Fred and George had gotten her some more spherical vials (they were hoping for some more bombs) and they'd each given a beautiful necklace with their and her initials on it (odd). 

    Kate smirked at the necklaces and pulled them out to their full lengths. She then severed her set of initials off George's and repaired them so that it had all of their initials on it. Kate put the new necklace on and found four more packages under the big Weasley package. 

 The first one was a scrapbook with a wand on the front from Bill, Charlie, and Percy. The next was a book called 'Twelve Fail-Safe Ways to Charm Wizards' from Alicia, Angie, and Kennedy. When Kate saw it her hair turned pink and she flushed furiously. Kennedy saw her and laughed, so Kate turned back to the last two presents. She opened the next and saw a book that called Legilimency, Occumulucy, and being a Seer from Dumbledore. 

         The last package was an envelope taped to a small package. She opened the envelope and saw beautiful cursive winding on the page. My Beautiful Female, I wish for you to be mine. Your hair, your eyes, your lips, they make me long for you. If you love me too, please accept this gift and agreement to be mine until the end of our days. Love always, Lee Jordan. Kate carefully opened the box and gasped; inside the case was an ornate ring with white diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and yellow diamonds. 

    Kate exclaimed, "Kennedy! Kennedy Eliza Zimbermann look up! KEZ!" 

 Kennedy looked up from her book about cats and said, "What?" 

   "Dude, he gave me a ring. Lee Jordan! Oh my....."

  Kennedy had a look of shock on her face. "He gave you a RING?! Oh my GAWD!" 

 Kate closed the ring box and put it in her pocket, and angrily shouted, "LEE CALEB JORDAN!! YOU'RE DEAD!!" She quickly wheeled herself down to the common room where the boys were still fighting. She shouted, her hair red with a terrible, fiery red color, "Lee, THIS is what you think of me? You think I can just be BOUGHT with a RING?! I'm a LIVING, BREATHING GIRL who ISN'T gonna be BOUGHT by a GUY, especially at age eleven!!" She took the ring box out of her pocket and chucked it at him.

     Fred and George shouted in unison, "What?"

Kate glared at Lee, who's face was a dark shade of maroon, and tossed the letter at them and yelled, "Mr. Lee here tried to propose to me in a letter."

 She quickly wheeled herself up the stairs before she got caught in the quarrel. Fred had tackled Lee and pinned him to the ground and was aiming his wand at Lee's face, and George wasn't trying to hold him back at all. Kate shouted, "Stop!" They all looked up and she said, "I don't want you guys to fight over me! You already learned that on the first day of school!"

   Their faces drained of all color at the sight of her gray hair. She sniffed and choked out, "Now, we should all go to breakfast before I start crying, Kennedy and George start shouting at you guys, Lee dies and Fred becomes a murderer. Be glad that we're the only some of the only Gryffindors here for Christmas break. Get a move on!"

      They all begrudgingly went out of the common room, and before they knew it, they were all racing down to breakfast: Kate was in the lead (she was doggin' it; duh!) with Fred and George close behind, along with Lee and Kennedy running and puffing, trying to keep up with a dog and two long-legged dudes.

  There were only a few other people in there. Most of the teachers were there; then there were four Slytherins (Crabbe and her idiots), two Ravenclaws (tall, 7th years), no Hufflepuffs, and six other Gryffindors (the Weasley boys and three of their friends). They all quickly wolfed down their breakfasts, bundled up, and went out to have a snowball fight.

     Kennedy didn't want to play, so she just watched. On the other hand, Fred and Kate were on a team, so Lee and George were together. When Kennedy shouted, "Go!", Kate waved her wand, making all the snow come off Hagrid's hut and pack into a big, tight, hollow cylinder with a window to throw snowballs through. While Lee and George gaped, Kate collected a pile of snow inside the fort's walls and waved her wand again, making dozens of snowballs in a second. 

 While Fred started throwing rapidly at Lee and George (who were trying to build a makeshift fort while being pelted with snow), Kate went dog and dug a tunnel through the snow and toward the boy's fort (yea! the snow was REALLY deep). When Kate got out, she turned human and was about to make another base when a hand cupped over her mouth and she heard, "Silencio." 

     The hand was taken off her mouth and she was thrown off her wheelchair, forcing her to not be able to move. Kate saw the grotesque form of Dylan Crabbe and her four goons. Crabbe grabbed Kate's arms, jerked them back, and tied them with a rope. She dragged her by the rope over to the Forbidden Forrest. Crabbe tied her to the highest branch she could reach (about 6 ft high) upside down, laughed and gawked, then left.  

  Kate struggled and cried out for help, but the silencing charm was too powerful. She was feeling light-headed when she saw a horse-like creature coming out of the forest. When it reached her, she saw it was a centaur, and he gasped and ran out of the Forbidden Forrest towards Hagrid's hut.

     Immediately the giant form of Hagrid came running over. He shouted, "Kate! Don't worry, I got ya." He pulled her down, undid the silencing charm, and said, "Wha' happened?" Once she was in the safe arms of Hagrid, she passed out.


 Kate woke up in a fluffy white bed that smelled like sweet soap. She looked up into a bright light, squinting. When her eyes adjusted, she saw that she was in some sort of hospital type place. Kate heard a calm voice say, "You're in the Hospital Wing, Miss. Smithson." She sat up and saw Professor Dumbledore sitting by a pile of candy and a toilet seat.

  "Kate, would you please tell my how you ended up tied to a tree?" Kate quickly relayed the story to him, and in his eyes she saw a blue fire that she'd never seen before. He said, "Don't worry, Kate. You will have justice. Miss Crabbe and her three friends will receive two months detention and seventy-five house points deducted. Each."

     Kate's hair turned lilac at the three hundred points taken, but asked, "What time is it? Where are my friends?"

 Dumbledore chuckled. "It's only eleven o'clock. You've been in here for a mere two hours. As for your friends, they've been waiting outside this whole time."

Kate whispered, "Can they come in?" Dumbledore nodded and flicked his wand. The doors opened. Fred and Kennedy sprinted in, George and Lee close behind.

    Kennedy exclaimed, "Kate! What happened?"

 Kate told them the story, and the boy's faces were red with anger. In unison, Fred and George furiously hissed, "They're gonna PAY!"

 They were about to storm out the door when Kennedy and Lee held them back. Kennedy shouted between grunts, "Boys! You (oof!) have to (uh!) stop! (Ugh!) Later! Later!" They pulled them back, the boys still bright.

     Kate crossed her arms and her hair turned red. The boys faces colored even more. She said, "They've already gotten their punishment. Now, I need some food." Madame Pomfrey let her go after a once over and they ate some sandwiches in the common room while playing Exploding Snap. 

But then Kate and Kennedy had a great idea. They decided that they'd set dung paint bombs at the Slytherin Dormitories so when Crabbe and her goons came out of the common room, they'd get splattered! Kate put two bombs and the Marauders' Map in her pockets and went dog. They went out of the common room and ran to the Great Hall and didn't see any Slytherins, so they sprinted to the Slytherin entrance. Kate turned human and helped Kennedy set the bombs.

      Kate looked on the Map and saw the Slytherins about to come out of the common room. Kate showed Kennedy the Map, so she turned dog and they ran around the corner, back to the Great Hall, where they saw chocolate, marshmallows, graham crackers, and roasting sticks appear by the fireplace closest to the Gryffindor table.

  When they got over there and put marshmallows on the sticks, putting them over the fireplace, they heard a loud explosion and some screams. Kate shoved a S'more into her mouth to keep her from laughing.


After laughing with the boys, the group made their way down to the Great Hall at six o'clock for supper. When they arrived, there was only one long table with all of the other students and teachers. They sat down and they ate, and ate, and ate. Halfway through, the group started to pull crackers (long tubes of paper that pop and reveal a childish gift, explained for all you Muggles). Fred and Kate pulled a cracker and Kate got a Wizard Chess set, and Dumbledore traded his pointed hat for a flowery bonnet. 

    Fred and Kate battled each other with Wizard Chess back at the Gryffindor common room after supper. Kate bade the boys good night, went dog, and left, going upstairs for bed. It had been a very happy and enjoyable (for the most part) Christmas.

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