Beside You

Leah and Jake were bestfriends, then they became a couple. Two years later Leah moved. (Yeah super cliché) But when she moved, he moved on while she believed he was waiting for her to come back. This is their story. Samantha wrote Jake's POV and Lily~Chan wrote Leah's.


10. Leah (Four years later)

Normally I would just hide from the world, but today was weird. As I was in class I get a freaking promposal?! I don't have a boyfriend, let alone friends or a crush! I mean I didn't say no, he was kinda cute. Not like Jake though. Jake just..... Makes me feel whole. Does his perky blonde feel whole? Does Jake feel whole? I bet he doesn't even miss me while he cuddling her. I bet I'm just going to be buried alone with strangers. Let's be honest. Payton wouldn't do that to me. She knows how I hate people. I just miss jake. Maybe I should text him? Nah he's probably with his blonde. I've sorta gotten over Jake I guess. I'm sitting on my bed, Payton, Hayden and Cal in my room. I was reading emails on my laptop, their conversation all a blur in my head. A email...... from the principal at Jake's school...... He wants me to do music? Did he ever meet me? How'd he know I sing and play guitar. "Hey guys...... I just got an email from Jake's principal...?!" I exclaim. "What's it about?" Payton asks, purple hair a mess. "He wants me to do live music at prom. Should I do it? Wait..... there's a link to a youtube video." I click it, and a video of me singing Wanted, By Hunter Hays. "PAYTON! DID YOU F*CKING RECORD ME!?!? Wait.......... Three thousand ​likes?! This is amazing!" Tears slightly enter my eyes. I could see Jake again..... but Aden asked me and I said yes. "You should do it! I mean, he probably wont know its you so you could surprise him! Don't let your dreams stay dreams" Cal says, hugging me tightly. "JUST DO IT!" Hayden screams at me, laughing. it was silent for a moment then we all laugh. I respond with "Thank you for the invite. I humbly accept, because I lived in South Carolina half my life. I would love to. If you don't mind I would need to have my friends come as well. They're my family. I do not want to get paid, seeing one person will make me happy enough. Thank you,

Sincerely, Leah Cooks."

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