Beside You

Leah and Jake were bestfriends, then they became a couple. Two years later Leah moved. (Yeah super cliché) But when she moved, he moved on while she believed he was waiting for her to come back. This is their story. Samantha wrote Jake's POV and Lily~Chan wrote Leah's.


9. Jake

   "Uh, yeah..." I tried to move the screen out of Bailey's view but it was too late.

   "Who's that from?" she asked quietly.  "Your old girlfriend?"

   I couldn't lie to her.  "Yeah.  She moved away and I haven't heard from her until now."

   I shut my phone off.

   "I bet she was wonderful."

   "How do you know?" I asked.  

   "Because of the way, your face lit up when you read the text.  And then how sad you looked when you were done reading it," she replied sadly.

   "Is that a bad thing?"

   "No!" she exclaimed, putting her hand up in defense.  But then she lowered them and grimaced.  

   "Bailey?" I asked, raising my eyebrows.

   We sat in silence for a moment.


   "Yeah, Lee?"

   "D-do you, by any chance, possibly like me?" 

   "Well, of course, I like you!  You've been my friend since you moved in!"

   " know what I mean," she said, rolling her eyes. 

   I froze for a moment, having a battle in my head. 

   Should I tell her, or should I pretend like I don't?

   "Bailey, I have, to be honest with you.  Ever since my old girlfriend moved, and you now live in her old house, by the way, I have been struggling to hush my feelings for you.  I feel like she would want me to move on, but I also feel like she would want me to wait for her to come back.  So, I guess I do like you, but I am scared to realize it."

   She sat there, and it seemed like she didn't know whether to be happy or disappointed.  But then she sat up and smiled.  

   "That's enough for me.  I understand what you are going through.  Not that I could relate or anything..." she said, blushing.  "Actually, it's sort of the opposite with me and Rick Dawson.  I left him.  But I guess I am getting over it quicker than either of you two are..."

   "I would love to date you, and be a couple if it wasn't for this text.  She said to wait for her..." I said, hanging my head.

   Suddenly, Bailey reached over and lifted my chin.  "Well," she said, "You don't have to wait alone..."

   And then she kissed me.

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