Beside You

Leah and Jake were bestfriends, then they became a couple. Two years later Leah moved. (Yeah super cliché) But when she moved, he moved on while she believed he was waiting for her to come back. This is their story. Samantha wrote Jake's POV and Lily~Chan wrote Leah's.


3. Jake

   I still couldn't believe Leah left me.  I lost my best friend, Dan, and my girlfriend at the same time.  Dan is Leah's step-brother, and even though he is in the grade above me, we are really good friends.  Well, we WERE really good friends.  Until the Cooks picked up and moved away.  

   I felt like crying.  Leah meant everything to me.  We had been friends our whole lives, being neighbors and all, and then the first day of seventh grade she told me she liked me.  And a few days later, she told me she loved me.  I told her the same thing back. We dated for two years, up until yesterday, when Lee and her family moved.  I thought I was going to marry her.  Now, it didn't seem like that was going to happen.  There was no one else in the world for me, and I knew it- we were destined to be together.  All of our hope and dreams of growing up and having kids were for nothing.  

   Who else am I supposed be with? I asked myself over and over again.

   Each day, I further convinced myself that I would never date anyone ever again, until one day I could find Leah, swoop her up into my arms and propose.  

   But I started to doubt that dream when I met Bailey Amherst.

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