Death of Death

A boy named Kanake Was born in Tokyo Japan and he was Possessed by a guy named Death So he has to work with him to try to survive


1. The Birth

Hello I'm Kanake I am about to tell about something I keep in this Book.It was really horrible but we'll I'll just tell you.I was born in Tokyo Japan in a small place called Tykonia.It was nice there in fun to learn about in trust me in my mind it was horible.So I was a little baby in some people bullied me when I grew up but you know it was ok cause I did get detention for beating bullys up...But yeah.I grew happy.My mom took me to many places to learn in you know I love learning.I loved it till my mom died..... So my Dad took charge of me till I turned 18 in that's was weirdest age you will have ever in your life but everything gets better once you get used to it But you know I love it 😉 So I had something that could use me...I loved to draw,Get Friends but It was right there when something hit my hart...She was a nice girl named Konyie.I loved her a lot because we had a lot in liked the same things In then she turned out to love me. I found a secret journal in a desk of mine in when I opened it Something came out...

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