Death of Death

A boy named Kanake Was born in Tokyo Japan and he was Possessed by a guy named Death So he has to work with him to try to survive


2. Hell

I saw something that probably no one has seen before. It looked like a portal of some sort but then someone came out. "Who are you!?!?!" I said. It was probably a stupid idea to ask who someone was when its from a portal well fuck me.

"Kamake.......You don't recongize me?" Said the Unkown Guy. Well i dont think no one would recongize someone when they come out of one big portal."No i don't!" I said. " I'm Tenebras," Said Tenebras. "WHY ARE YOU HERE?!?!?" Kamake said. "Because you are being controlled by someone named Death." Tenebras said loudly."Why is he controlling me?" "Because he wants to take peoples souls for no reason in i think he will probably destroy this world by taking everyone's soul so yeah were fucked." "Well we gotta stop him..."

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