Ellie begins to celebrate her big 18th and everything begins well but her night out ends with her meeting a beautiful stranger which changes her life forever.


6. The Morning After

Chapter 6: The Morning After

I end up spending the night (we don't go all the way though). I'm not sure I'm ready for that. Theres a lot off stuff thats gone on that I don't want Harry to know about. Not because I don't like or trust him its just I don't trust anyone not after my ex. We were together for 2 years, he was my first and... 

"Hungry?" Harry comes back into the room snapping me back into reality. 


"Are you okay? you seem a bit distant? It isn't because of last night is it? I mean we didn't do everything not even all the way but I mean it wasn't too soon was it?" I try my hardest to get a word in edge because he looks so nervous which makes me laugh.

"What?" he smiles

"Nothing its just your hot when you nervously babble" 

"Oh should I nervously babble more often" I nod, still laughing, he leans and we kiss, again. 

"Seriously though pancakes?" 

"Sounds good" Harry chucks me his T-shirt and heads through to the kitchen. I put it on and look in the mirror it instantly makes me smile. I don't know what it is about him but he makes me feel safe and every time I see him my stomach feels with energetic butterflies. Wearing his oversized T makes me feel even more secure and for once happy with my body. 

"Hey apples" 

"What?" I ask confused as fuck

"The cheeks are really cute, I mean" he sighs and laughs as if he's now confused "I mean the apple bone in your cheek was the first thing that made me fancy you every time I think of you I think off apples"

I laugh so much."Okay I'll take that as a compliment. You fancy me?" I pull myself up so I'm sitting on the work top.

"How could I not" he pulls his arms around me and we continue to make out, life is perfect. 

We spend the rest of the morning quizzing each other on our favourite songs, films, books holiday destinations and even our favourite nintendo games. I've never laughed so much. I wish there was a way I could pause time right at this very moment. 

Unfortunately, I can't. My phone goes and its my mum. I totally forgot about tonights family meal. 

"Off we go then" Harrys face seems to fill with disappointment. We get in the car and continue our conversation. 

"So you actually cried at finding Nemo?" I laugh, 

"Of course. How could anyone not?" 

"Which part though" I ask

"The part when the dads swimming back all on his own" I can't help but laugh loads "What, whats funny about having a heart"

"Nothing its just... you don't seem the type"

"To have a heart? You know every human has a heart right? Did you not go to school?"

"You know what I meant" we both laugh, until Harry pulls up outside of my house. 

"Will I see you again?" I ask

"I really hope so" I kiss Harry goodbye and then watch as he drives away.

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