Ellie begins to celebrate her big 18th and everything begins well but her night out ends with her meeting a beautiful stranger which changes her life forever.


5. Preparing For The Date

Chapter 5: Preparing For The Date

My body fills with so many emotions all at once that its hard to keep track off how I'm feeling. I'm over the moon, obviously, I'm worried- what if I mess up? I'm not good around anyone without a few vodka shots inside off me. But most off all I'm curious. Why would someone like Harry Styles be interested with a chubby girl like me? 

I try not to think off any of this as I know it won't help. Instead I pull out every part of my wardrobe to try and find something to wear- nothing. I begin getting so stressed. Ever had that feeling where you have millions off outfits but nothing good enough? In the end I go for a white layered dress with a silver choker and black ankle boots. I straighten my hair and make my make up look natural but highlight it in the hope my face will have some kind off glow. I Finnish the look with a black leather jacket with a matching bag. 

Looking in the mirror I actually like the way I look. I just hope Harry does too. I end up waiting around for 10 mintues panicking. Was I suppose to meet him or was he picking me up? I never actually asked. Luckily, a car beeps and I jump up to the window- its Harry. He's getting out off his car wearing black skinny jeans with a white T-shirt. He's actually coming to my door and he's clutching a dozen red roses in his hands. My heart flutters. I quickly call out to my mum to say goodbye so I don't look really young in front off Harry. 

'the door bell goes'

I go to open it. "Hi I bought you a little something" Harry smiles (I love his smile!)

"Little?" we both giggle "they're beautiful thank you though you shouldn't have" 

"I couldn't start a date with the most beautiful girl I've ever met without buying her some flowers" what he says really makes me glow inside, nobodies ever called me beautiful except from my family. I try with every muscle in my face to not smile but this doesn't work. 

"So where are we going?" I ask in anticipation 

"Its a surprise" we link arms and he walks me to his car. He even opens the car door for me. Whilst in the car we both laugh so much that it feels like I've now got abs. He's so normal. Nothing like I'd imagined him to be. We pull up to a little cottage on its own private road, nobody around. There is acres and acres of land. When we pull up on the drive way he gets out of the car and comes over to my door to let me out like a true gentlemen. He then takes my hand and leads me through the cottage and into the back garden where there is a ready assembled picnic with candles that glisten in the darkening December sky. 

"Its beautiful" I say practically speechless. 

"Thank you, I wanted to take you out but I thought it'd be best not too I want our first date to be special and not full of cameras plus I didn't want the whole world to know by tomorrow morning" he's so sweet. He's thought of everything. We sit down and Harry opens a bottle of champagne and we clink our glasses together. We end up talking and laughing until it turns cold- really cold. We both sit there shaking until Harry pulls out a blanket. 

"Theres only one though I'm afraid, you have it" his lips continue to shiver

"No it okay you have it" he looks so cold that I'm pretty sure his lips are turning blue.

"We could always share it?" we both sit really close and tucked up in some sort of sandwich together. He's so close I can see his breath. The candle lights continue to shine in the night and the whole atmosphere is so romantic, it'd be a crime if we didn't at leafs make out. We both lean in and its perfect.

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