Ellie begins to celebrate her big 18th and everything begins well but her night out ends with her meeting a beautiful stranger which changes her life forever.


2. McDonald's... With HARRY STYLES!

Chapter 2: McDonald's... With HARRY STYLES!               

Harry Styles? I'm talking to HARRY STYLES?!? The Harry Styles. Every inch of fear that suffocated my body inside the club changed to a new type of fear. I suddenly became so nervous. I just look at him... Speechless. Like what does one say to HARRY STYLES? I take a minute (though it feels like an awkward hour) to gather my thoughts and to try and pull my self together to say something cool and impressive... TO HARRY STYLES!    The only problem is I can't think of what to say! Nothing seems to come out my mouth and it becomes really dry, my palms begin to sweat, my heart beets faster then it should and I can't shake the feeling of butterflies within the pit of my stomach. "Oh... Your in that band? Oh what's it's name?" WHATS ITS NAME? There's thousands of things I could have said and I choose WHATS ITS NAME? "One Direction" he begins to look as embarrassed as I feel. "Oh yeah I knew that, sorry" I say with a faint smile. He doesn't look pissed or like he wants to run for the fields with his gorgeous legs, he actually looks like he's enjoying this awkward alley chat. "Did you erm..." He now looks nervous "maybe wanna go get some junk food with me? I always love junk food to Finnish of a night out" he asks, "sure that err sounds cool" WTF I'm going for food with Harry Styles? And he asked ME! This shitty night doesn't seem to have ended as badly as I had previously anticipated. We walk to his car- it's a red Porsche and it's almost as beautiful as him (if that were possible!) "you car is well nice!" I exclaim- in an embarrassing teenage girl kind of way- SHIT! "Thanks". In the car we switch on the radio and the song 'little things' begins to play. I can't help but laugh. I've listened to this song loads, but never with one of the people who sing it! "What?" He asks smiling at my smile, "it's just you sing this song that's all! I feel like I'm in and episode of James Corden carpool" I laugh whilst speaking- this makes Harry laugh even more. "What?" I ask. "Nothing it's just... I don't know you have a cute laugh that makes me laugh. But not in an at you kind of a way more with you" is he serious? I honestly can't tell if I'm dreaming. I must be. To begin with I met him like 20minutes ago and I'm in his car? Anyone else would think I'm bonkers. 


We pull up to McDonald's and head straight for the drive through. Then it hits me. What do I order? I could kill for a double cheese burger and large fries but I can't eat that much food in front of HARRY STYLES! But like what do I order? A salad? But then I wouldn't eat it so what's the point? (no wonder why my dress looked lumpy when!) "can I take your order?" The women asks, "yeah I'll have a double cheese burger with large fries and a coke and err... What do you want?" He has the same meal that I nearly always get! He asks me and I don't know what to say "I'll just have medium fires and an oasis thanks" I take a deep breath of relief. Few I don't look that fat and I still get real people's food not rabbit food. We collect our food and then Harry searches for a space that's well hidden from any street lights so he doesn't have to worry about being 'paped' the only problem is we can't see a thing so we use both of our iPhones to create some light- but not too much.

"So why were you all panicky earlier?" Bit straight forward- even for someone of his status. "Err it's nothing honestly" I reply trying to avoid answering the question. "It didn't look like nothing" he says with a mouth full of fries.

"It was just really hot in the club that's all"      

"I know what you mean, you weren't out on your own we're you?"         

"No I was with my mate Lexi but she pulled and I'd had enough"    

"Bet you were fighting them off"    

"Obviously" I laugh. He finishes off his burger and chips leaving a massive bit of ketchup on his chin. There's something about people getting ketchup on their face that cracks me up it almost looks like they've came straight out of a horror parody (the type you find on YouTube) especially on Harry in this lighting.

"What?" He asks looking self conscious.

"Nothing it's just you've got ketchup on your chin"   He attempts to wipe it off but goes for the complete wrong spot "is it gone?" he asks, but hasn't even touched it.  

"No" I laugh "here" I lean over and while his chin. As I lean over he begins to run his hand up and down my thy before moving it up to my face. He then leans in and we begin to kiss. 

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