Ellie begins to celebrate her big 18th and everything begins well but her night out ends with her meeting a beautiful stranger which changes her life forever.


3. Going For A Drive

Chapter 3: Going for a drive

His hands ride up my thy and he begins to touch my knickers- THAT MOMENT WHEN YOU WEAR NICE UNDERWEAR FOR NO REASON BUT IT FINALLY PAYS OFF! Everything feels just right, like I've known him for years. I never normally snog a guy this second I meet him. I mean I never have the confidence to. Just as things begin to get really intimate, it dawns on me. I know nothing about him. I know what the outside world knows, but not him. He certainly doesn't know me. He begins to unzip my dress, when I stop him.

"I can't I'm so sorry"

"Why? Did I do something wrong?" I begin to feel really bad.

"It's not you, its just I don't know you and you don't know me and I'm just not that sort of girl I'm sorry"

"Honestly theres no need to be. I get it. I didn't mean to be to forward I'm sorry. Its just you didn't scream when you met me, you didn't instantly want a photo or an autograph and you didn't change when you found out who I was. I liked it and you"

"I like you too" we just look at each other in silence. However, it isn't awkward its nice. Almost as if neither of us need to speak.

"So what do you want to do now?" harry asks breaking the silence,

"this might sound weird"

"I like weird" he laughs,

"did you want to just drive?"

"drive? where?"

"anywhere we just drive as fast as we can, windows down, music blaring"

"sounds perfect" and thats what we did. I needed to take in everything that had happened and is happening. I feel so relaxed around him usually when I meet new people it feels awkward and boring. This doesn't. We sing along to really old and funny songs like Tragedy by Steps, and It wasn't me by Shaggy. Really AWFUL songs but my guilty pleasures. It turns out there Harrys guilty pleasures too. I feel my phone vibrate in my bag. When I go to check it, its 4 o'clock in the morning! I left the club at midnight, that means I've been with Harry for 4 hours. It only felt like an hour. 

"Who is it?" Harrys asks, 

"Its my Dad wishing me a Happy Belated Birthday from America" 

"Its your birthday?"

"Was, its tomorrow now"

"I had no clue, Happy Birthday! So how many years left until you need a walking stick" he jokes,

"years I hope I've only just turned 18 I was out with my friends Lexi celebrating " 

"WOW it was the big one, and you left the club alone? Some friend" He makes a dig at Lexi. Although I really like him and he's HARRY STYLES I can't let him speak about her like that. 

"Don't. She's a good friend. Its just I wasn't in the mood" 

"Fair enough" we drive around a bit longer before he offers to take me home. When we get back its nearly 6:30am- my mum going to be SO pissed but what can she do? I'm an adult now.

"So... I had a really nice time" he pauses and looks really nervous "can I have your number" did that actually just happen?

"Yeah I enjoyed myself too its the first time in a while since I've laughed so much" we exchange numbers and when he puts my name on his contacts he uses a love heart emoji.

"you should laugh more often, you have a really nice laugh. Before I get out of his car he kisses me goodbye.

"See you" he smiles before driving off. I watch his car leave the road before I skip up the drive to my front door. My face begins to ache from the amount I'm smiling. Its not just that he's Harry Style (though this makes me incredibly happy) I think I actually like him, not the public him, and the best part is I think he likes me! I bombard may way through the front door- not quietly. I unstrap my shoes and make my way to my bedroom. Thankfully I manage to be quiet enough that nobody wakes up. I don't even take my makeup or cloths off. I just lay there taking it all in... BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!





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