My Life as a Witch: Book 5

Clarissa and the gang are back and something's out there. No one is quite for sure but it's dangerous. Go with them as they fight what's coming and as things start to come between them all.


4. What Happened Next

The day finally arived when we went to Lumos. On the way there it was just Madi and I in the compartment, Talia was with someone else and the others had their own spot.

"Tanner has no chance with me, he just needs to get over it," Madi said.


"Ugh, I wish he would stop asking me out and saying he loves me. I just wish that he'd get over me. I like someone else, there's no way I'd go back; he had his chance and blew it."

"Yeah," I replied absent mindedly, looking out the window.

At that moment Talia came in. "Hey girls! You might want to change, I can see Lumos from here." 

Madi and I scrambled to get dressed, we barely had time to stuff our clothes in the bag we had on the train. 


When we got off Tanner looked upset. I passed him a note that said "Sorry, it's the truth." He looked even more upset, if that's possible.

That's when we entered the Dining Pavillion for the Sorting.



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