My Life as a Witch: Book 5

Clarissa and the gang are back and something's out there. No one is quite for sure but it's dangerous. Go with them as they fight what's coming and as things start to come between them all.


2. Explanation

As I continued to creep down the stairs the fighting intensified. "We can't let her go! There's too much at risk and I can't go through losing another daughter!" My mom shot right back. "I know, everyone is still upset over Ash's death, but I believe Lissa can take out that monster and get vengeance for what it did to Ash and this whole family." My dad said comfortingly. He slowly inched closer to mom and gave her a hug, and she burst out in tears. After a little while, my mom said "Ok, I believe in her... I'll let her go, and if that devil shows his face, they're gonna take it down when it's weak..." I thought it was a good time to go down the rest of the stairs and act like I was woken up by a loud noise downstairs. "What's going on?" I asked pretending to be groggy from sleep. "Oh, nothing, me and your father were just discussing something about you." mom said reassuringly. "Ok, so go back to bed Clari." my dad said softly. "Ok, but you two better get to bed too, don't you have to work? It's like 2:45 in the morning." Of course I've been up texting people and looking at photos on Instagram. After they looked at the digital clock on the microwave in our kitchen, they freaked out and instantly rushed to their rooms trying to fall asleep. I also went to my bed in deep thought, What was that monster they were talking about? And why is it coming to attack me?  And that was the cause of Ash's death?! They said she died in a magic accident... ​I thought to myself. "LIARS!!!" I shouted directed towards my parents' room and rushed up the stairs so they didn't notice me. They came out into the kitchen looking to see where it came from, but to no avail. I cried myself to sleep that night.

  The next morning I woke up to my alarm and a text right after. 'Lissa, turn on the tv and look at the news, NOW. -Tanner' They were talking about the weather this week, gloomy as usual, except for next Friday, the first day back at Lumos! Then I read the bottom, it said 'Break In at the local Harris Residence, police find no casualties' Madi. I rushed back up to my room and flooded Madi with texts, asking if she was ok and stuff like that. I then texted Tanner thanking him for telling me and then I asked him how he knew about that. He said 'I always no if something' wrong with the girl I love... Nah, just kidding. I watched the news every morning to see if something important happened, and no, I'm not kidding about the love part. (Don't tell her that please! At least not yet!) -Tanner' What a guy...    


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