My Life as a Witch: Book 5

Clarissa and the gang are back and something's out there. No one is quite for sure but it's dangerous. Go with them as they fight what's coming and as things start to come between them all.


1. The Begining of the End

Beautiful summer days are what make life great when outside of Lumos. But that wasn't the case this summer. It seemed like every day was gloomy, overcast, raining, foggy, or all four. On the nice days every here and there my parents wouldn't let me outside. They just said "I'm scared for your safety." 

I figured it out on my own. Something's out there. Something that's hunting me. Hunting down my kind. People with magical blood.

I was texting Madi one night and it confirmed my theory.

C: How's your summer been?"
M: Horrible. Haven't been able to go outside at all. We had to cancel our vacation because of it. How about you?

C: Same, no luck. They refuse to let me out. 

M: Hmm... Okay. Any thoughts?

So I told her about it.

M: I saw in the paper the other day that Macy Stevens was killed the other day.

C: Wasn't she in our House but a year older?

M: Yeah, she tutored me in Charms

C: Something is hunting us

M: She's also my neighbor. Yeah, I have to go. Cya Liss

C: Cya Madi


I had to find out something before my parents refused to let me go to Lumos again. 

One night I crept downstairs to talk to my parents. I overheard them speaking. "We have to let her outside sometime. That- thing won't be out there forever!" My dad said. "No, she is staying here where she is safe! We can't let her go back to Lumos either." "We have to, suspicions will arise and they'll come for her." 

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