His Last Love.✨

The Story of A Married Couple Caleb and Ashlyn. On there wedding Night, Ashlyn learns that Caleb never wanted to marry her as he loves his Girlfriend Eva. After a year on their Wedding anniversary, there is a party. Caleb ignores Ashlyn and stays with Eva. Ashlyn, who can't take it anymore,thinks of divorce. She signs the divorce paper and leaves the house. While walking on the road,She is hit by a truck,causing her to loose her memory. Caleb talks to Ashlyn and is shocked to see a totally different Ashlyn . Will he fall in love with her? What will happen When Ashlyn gets her memory back? Will she be his last love?


2. 1| Are you F*cking kidding me?

{Caleb's Point of View}

It was our anniversary today and mom had organised some stupid party. I was getting ready for it when I got Eva's Call.

"Hey Baby!" I said, I could hear someone crying on the other side of the line.

"Eva,are you okay? Hello?!" I was getting panicked now.

" You don't Love me anymore!" Came a voice from the sobs,

       " Eva,are you there?" I asked!

" You don't love me anymore!" Said Eva!

" Baby are you crazy, I love you so much!" " Okay, then prove it by taking me with to your party, rather than your so called Wife.!"

"Eva,have you totally gone nuts!" I said,shocked by her childlike behaviour.

" I knew it,you don't love me anymore, B-"

I cut her off,"Okay Fine, I'll pick you up in an hour!"

" I love you Caleb!"

" love you too!" And with that I disconnected the phone.

       I quickly gelled my hair and went down stairs, banging into her. I was about to scream at her but then looking at her innocent face I couldn't.

          So, I just walked out not thinking of her. I picked up Eva and went to the party. As we went to the party, Eva was totally sticking to me and it was pretty uncomfortable.

         I was surrounded by the Media. Then I saw Ashlyn, she looked absolutely Gorgeous in her red gown, when I looked up at her face, I could see tears forming in her eyes and next thing I saw was her running out of the party. I told one of my most trusted bodyguard Rony to follow her and make sure,she reaches home safely.

    It has been an hour since, she left. Then my phone started ringing, it was Rony.

"Hello Rony, what his the matter,did she reach home safely?" I asked

" S-Sir, s-she-" Rony stammered

"Dammit, just tell me! What has happened to her?" I said with the anger boiling with me!

"Ma'am met with an accident!"

" What the F*ck! Are you f*cking Kidding me?" I screamed at him.

"Sir,ma'am has been admitted in Mount Sinai Hospital." He said.

I disconnected the phone and told mom everything. Mom told me not to inform media about it. When I exited the party, I was surrounded by the media, asking me that why did Ashlyn suddenly leave the party. I ignored them and rushed to the hospital.

On reaching the hospital, I got to know to that she was still unconscious. I went and knocked the doctor's cabin.

"Come in" said the Doctor.

"Umm..hey Doc!" I greeted the doctor.

"Oh, Mr. Kingston, please have a seat!" I went a took a seat opposite him.

"As your wife,Mrs Ashlyn got severely hurt on her head, she is now suffering from POST-TRAUMATIC AMNESIA." The doctor said.

"POST-TRAUMATIC AMNESIA?" I asked confused by the term.

"Due to the severe injuries on her head she has lost her memory. It may take days, months, years or maybe a whole lifetime, to get back her memory." The doctor said in a serious tone.

"Isn't there any solution to it?" I asked the doctor in some hope!

"At the moment know, she has just recovered, if we put any kind of stress on her it can be fatal for her!" I nodded and walked out.

I met mom,she was waiting outside.

"Caleb, I guess as soon as Ashlyn is discharged you need to take her and go for a holiday as I don't want media to find about it." Mom said.

"But mom!" She cut me off,"Caleb, first of all,this all has happened because of you, I want no excuses." I nodded and rushed to my car, I gotta tell Eva about this.

I rung the bell at Eva's place. She opened the door and hugged me tight, we went in.

"Eva,imgoingwithashylnforaholiday." I just blurted our everything only to get a confused look from.

" I'm going with Ashlyn for a holiday." I finally said it.

"WHAT! What the hell!" She screamed.

It took me half an hour to explain her everything. At last she understood. And I finally went home. What an amazing anniversary


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