His Last Love.✨

The Story of A Married Couple Caleb and Ashlyn. On there wedding Night, Ashlyn learns that Caleb never wanted to marry her as he loves his Girlfriend Eva. After a year on their Wedding anniversary, there is a party. Caleb ignores Ashlyn and stays with Eva. Ashlyn, who can't take it anymore,thinks of divorce. She signs the divorce paper and leaves the house. While walking on the road,She is hit by a truck,causing her to loose her memory. Caleb talks to Ashlyn and is shocked to see a totally different Ashlyn . Will he fall in love with her? What will happen When Ashlyn gets her memory back? Will she be his last love?


1. 0|Prologue

9 July 2014, a year ago, I still can't forget it. The day I got married to him, the person who made my happiest day a day which I don't want to even remember. It has been a year and we rarely talk.

Today is our Anniversary and Mom has organised a party for us. She has been my only support in this one year.

I still remember the Night when Zachary told me that he didn't love me but his girlfriend- Jessica and had only married me for a business deal.I cried all night in her arms. She was not a mother-in-law but a mother to me.

I wore a red Dior gown, it was Zachary's favourite colour. I reached the venue on time and greeted everyone.

It had been an hour now and still Zachary was nowhere in sight. Then I saw the media going towards the gate it must have been Zachary, after all he was a billionaire, but the thing I saw next,broke my heart fully.

He entered with Jessica. She was there with him sticking to him like leech. I never liked her!

She gave me that evil look, Zachary looked Happy with her.. so let him be with her.

He really didn't need me, he didn't even glanced at me once and I like a mad woman was dressed for him!

Tears welled up in my eyes,no matter what I do he will never love me, maybe we aren't meant to be together!

I rushed home and went and got the divorce papers, I had got them made last month only but mom stopped me but today I wouldn't stop. I signed them and I left them in his room.

"Happy Anniversary Zachary"

I couldn't stay at his place a second more it was suffocating me. I didn't bother taking my stuff. I just wanted to go away and never comeback. I kept walking not knowing where to go.

Today it was hurting much more than the wedding night, because Today, I was in love with my Husband, I don't know when and why but it just happened. I had fallen in love with him and I had fallen hard.

A bright light came towards me and the next thing I know is that I was lying on a pool of blood. All the moments spent with Zachary came in my Mind, even though they were very few.

Everything went silent, I could Just hear my heart beat getting Slower and slower and everything got blur and after a moment it was all BLACK.


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