DNA | A One Direction Fanfic

Kendall is a typical High School good girl. That is, until she met Liam. An 18 year old disaster waiting to happen. Well, already happened. When Kendall meets Liam for the first time, her world goes spiraling out of control. Parties, liquor, and other things like that.



2. Chapter 2

October 11, 2016 | 3:30

Kendall POV

As I changed my relationship status on FaceBook I was resistant. I mean like, yes I'm getting away from abuse and all of Harrys shit but still... We had been together for over a year. I changed it and quickly shut off my phone. I heard a knock on my bedroom door. "COME IN" I yelled. My Mom walked into my room. "Hey Mom" "Hey Kendall" It was silent for a while. "So, I thought Harry was making you go ti the mall with him?" My Mom said. "Nope, I finally ended it between me and him." I said looking down and back up at her. "Oh thank god" My Mom said holding her chest. "You'll finally be safe!!" She said smiling. I managed to conjure up a fame smile that looked surprisingly real. I knew I was never safe if Harry was outside of Prison.

October 11, 2016 | 4:00

Liam POV

"LIAM IM HERRREEE" I heard the obnoxious voice of my ex-girlfriend. "We broke up 2 months ago Tiley." I said rolling my eyes. "Oh, I thought you were kidding." Tiley said, obviously hurt. "Your a fucking sluty ass hoe, I don't fuck with that shit." I said, crossing my arms across my chest. "Babyyyy just love meeee!!!!" Tiley said grasping onto my arm. "Get. The. Fuck. Off. Of. Me. You. Cunt. Ass. Bitch." Is all I said to her as I simply flicked her off of my arm. "Liiaa--" She started. "GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE TILEY" I said, my voice booming through the house. She quietly left as I ran my fingers through my hair.

Next thing I knew, I was just, smokin some weed. Super normal. Daily life. Well, for me and my Mom anyways. I loved my Mom to death, and she was the reason I stopped doing crystal meth. My Mom was that reason. I still drink and shit, but the only drug I do now is weed. And I vape. So, theres that. I was just scrolling through instagram when Harry got home. Harry wasnt my brother, more like a close friend. I heard angry little screams, I guess? I got up and walked down to the kitchen. "Yo" I simply said. Harry had just moved in with me because his family kicked him out. I think I know why. "Im gonna fucking lose my shit Liam" Harry said, grabbing onto the kitchen island tightly. "Why?" "Kendall told me to go fuck myself." Now, I was doing online schooling, so I didn't know anything about the, like, REAL LIFE High School. "Whos Kendall?" "My gir-" He got a notification on his phone. He showed me the screen and it said "Kendall Lei has ended her relationship with you."

"Holy shit. You just got dumped." I said. "No shit sherlock." He said. I've decided something, I'm enrolling in the real high school.

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