DNA | A One Direction Fanfic

Kendall is a typical High School good girl. That is, until she met Liam. An 18 year old disaster waiting to happen. Well, already happened. When Kendall meets Liam for the first time, her world goes spiraling out of control. Parties, liquor, and other things like that.



1. Chapter 1

October 11, 2016 | 7:08 AM

I woke up to the sound of my ringtone. I groggily spoke "Hello?" "Hey babe, did I wake you up?" I heard the thick english accent of my boyfriend, Harry, through the phone. I immediately woke up. "Oh yeah, but its okay." I said. Lately me and Harry have been drifting apart. So therefore, this call was a huge surprise to me. "Were going to the mall today. Be ready by 3." He demanded. This was the reason we were fighting, he was so controlling. "Okay, I guess" I sighed. "I love you" He said. "You too" I said, hanging up on him. I just couldn't say that I loved him, because I didn't love him, I didn't love him at all anymore. Sigh. No one could understand even if they tried hard. Tried harder than an erection. I threw my legs over the side of my bed and got up with a sigh. It may be my birthday, but that doesn't mean its gonna be a good day.

October 11, 2016 | 3:10

Where on Earth is Harry?! He said he was gonna be here at 3 o'clock, 3:05 at the latest. I hate when people are late. "Knock knock" I heard Harry say, knocking on the front door, interrupting my thoughts. Sigh. Am I really gonna be able to do this? And on my birthday? I opened the door. "Get in the car now." Harry said. "No." I replied. He looked surprised. "E-Excuse you?" He said, clearly offended. I repeated myself. "No. I refuse to get in your nasty ass, little fuckhole of a car." He was clearly offended. "Get. In. The. Car. NOW!" Harry said, thinking he could get to me by screaming at me. Lol, he must be high. He probably is, he usually is. "I. Said. NO!" I yelled back at him. "GET IN THE CAR" "NO" "NOW" "NO HARRY" "KENDALL GET IN THE CAR" "GO FUCK YOURSELF HARRY!" I yelled and slammed the front door in his face. I winced at the sound of a car door slam. It was over. It was finally over. I was free. The abuse, the drugs, the liquor, his bullshit. It was finally over. I was free, and I loved it. I could finally flirt, and have crushes on different boys, I was free.

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