DNA | A One Direction Fanfic

Kendall is a typical High School good girl. That is, until she met Liam. An 18 year old disaster waiting to happen. Well, already happened. When Kendall meets Liam for the first time, her world goes spiraling out of control. Parties, liquor, and other things like that. WARNING: THERE WILL BE SEX, DRINKING, AND DRUGS. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK


3. A/N

Ello my maties... So I have MASSIVE writers block currently and I'll save a chapter and I'll go back to continue writing, and everything will be gone!!! :( It may take me a while to update so dont be angry please!! I love you guys so much!! Thank you for taking time out of your day to ready my sucky ass story :)

~Maddie <3

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