How To Live Again

Devan Abbott's life has been dragged through hell and back. Or is she back?

Her dad died 6 months ago and now her mom can't pay the house bills anymore. They're house is taken from them and they now have to live with her Mom's best friend, Janice Valdez. Janice is very rich and has 2 sons that are twins. Most people would all the charming, handsome, and perfect. She would classify them as selfish and annoying. She hasn't met them but who would need to? How wrong she was.

Julian and Lucian Valdez are the most handsome and charming boys at their school. All of the girls are crazy about them. They sleep around and play with girls like it's a game. Or at least that's how they used to be.

Losing someone that you love is hell. Sometimes all you need is to learn how to live again together.


2. Chapter 2: Sleeping Arrangments and Embarrassment

Chapter 2: Sleeping Arrangements and Embarrassment

Devan's POV (It will always be in Devan's POV unless I say otherwise)

"What?" They both blew up.

"She can't stay in our room. She can sleep on the couch." Julian said while glaring at me. My heart started to beat faster and my hands started to shake.

"Mom please, anywhere but our room." Lucian said a little calmer but I could still tell he was mad.

"Boys! I have made up my mind. Janice will have the guest room and Devan is staying in your room. And that is final!" I flinched.

They both opened their mouths to argue again but before they could Jason interrupted them. "You will both listen to your mother."

Julian huffed and glared at me even harder. I looked down and clenched my fists. I swallowed and asked, "Where's the bathroom?"

She looked at me worried. "Are you alright sweetie? You look green."

I nodded. "I just need to go to the bathroom." My voice cracked at the end. I could tell that she wanted to say something but she just told me where it was.

"Ok, it's the first door on the left in the hallway." I nodded and walked past the boys quickly into the hallway. I looked into the first door on the left and saw that it was in fact the bathroom. I walked in, turned on the light, and closed the door. My hands shook and I looked in the mirror. My face was green just like Janice said. My green eyes were widened in shock and fear. I squeezed my eyes shut and breathed in and out shakily.

"Ok Devan. You need to calm down, it was just yelling. There's no reason to have a panic attack." I whispered to myself as I breathed in and out. Someone knocked on the door and I flinched. "Who is it?" I asked shakily.

"It's Lucian... Are you alright?"

I snorted and breathed out. "Fine." I said coldly.

"Well I was just wondering. Sorry for caring." He snapped. I flinched and started to shake more. Tears flowed down my cheeks. A noise of pain came out of my mouth. "Devan?" He said more softly. "I'm sorry, I was just mad."

But I was already too far gone to even hear what he was saying after that. I started sobbing. This was just the icing on the cake for me. I lost my dad, my friends, my house, and my sanity. I couldn't handle it anymore. Was it too hard to ask to just have my dad back? Why would god even put me through this? My life has been hell ever since dad died. I got diagnosed with depression and anxiety 2 months ago and anything can make me lose it.

Someone's arms wrapped around me. I had my knees against my chest and my head laying on my knees. "Shhh, I'm sorry." The arms around me became tighter. "You lost your dad right?" I sniffled and nodded. "I'm sorry, it's hell losing someone that you love."

I laughed. "Yeah, it is. Absolute hell."

He rested his head on mine. "I lost my brother 4 months ago, he killed himself." When he said those words my heart began to hurt so badly.

"I'm sorry." I whispered and leaned into him more. I didn't even realize until then that I had stopped shaking and crying. 

"Is everything alright in here?" We both looked up to see Jason standing their with his eyebrows raised at how close we were. Lucian looked at me and I nodded. "Have you both come to an agreement?"

Lucian nodded. "Yeah, Devan can sleep in my bed and I can sleep in the other one."

Jason smiled. "Good."

Lucian leaned back and stood up. He held his hand out to me and I grabbed it. I ran into him when he pulled me up but right away I backed up. I sniffled and wiped my eyes and nose quickly. "Let's go back out there." I mumbled.

They both nodded and I followed them as they led me back to the living room. "Are you alright baby?" Mom asked me straight away.

I nodded. "I'm fine momma." She brushed the hair out of my face and kissed my forehead.

"Ok, good. Janice was just telling me that you are in the same grade as the boys." I could feel Julian's glaring eyes staring straight through me.

"Cool." I said shortly. Mom raised her eyebrows at me.

"Mom, when are we gonna eat?" Julian asked. I could already tell the differences in their voices and I just got here. Julian always has a hard edge to his voice while Lucian has a calm voice most of the time.

"After Janice and Devan get unpacked. Take Devan to her room." He scowled but walked out.

Lucian smiled at me and motioned for me to follow them. I grabbed my suitcase and walked after them slowly. Their were pictures everywhere of the boys when they were younger. I stopped at one of them that looked like it wasn't too long ago. There was Janice, Jason, Julian, Lucian, and another guy. It must have been there brother that killed himself. He was just as handsome as Julian and Lucian. But what was different is that his hair was dyed blue and he had some ear piercings and a lip piercing. He was probably a senior in high school.

"Are you coming?" Lucian called back to me.

"Yeah.." I said back. Quickly I went to the door that was open. The room was huge! It had 3 beds against the wall straight in front of me and a window seat between the first and second bed. I've always wanted a room with a window seat. I frowned, but not like this. I looked around and noticed that Julian was staring at the other bed that must have been his brothers.

He noticed me looking at him and scowled. I looked away quickly. and noticed 1 door to the left and another on the right that looked like it was  huge closet. There was 3 dressers, one against the wall by the first bed, second at the end of the next bed, and the third was on the wall by the last bed. "That will be your bed." Lucian said as he pointed to the first bed.

I nodded. "Ok." He started to move the stuff out of the dresser and put his in the one in front of his new bed. I watched him as he moved everything quickly without even glancing in either of the dressers. I guess it was too painful for him to look in his brothers drawer. Julian frowned and walked out bumping into my shoulder sharply when he went past me. I stumbled back but regained my balance and walked to my new bed.

It looked pretty comfortable. I sat down and immediately wanted to just lay down forever in this amazingly comfortable bed. "Comfortable isn't it?" I could hear the amusement in his voice.

I smiled. "Yeah, this is the most fluffy bed I have ever sat on." He laughed.

"You should probably get unpacking or we will never have lunch." I nodded and place my suitcase on the bed right by me. I started to unzip it but the zipper got stuck on something. I bit my lip and pulled harder. The zipper broke and I fell off the bed with a scream. I hit the ground and just stared up at the ceiling in shock.

That was when the laughter started. I looked over at Lucian and saw him standing by my dresser holding some boxers laughing. I blushed and stood up. He continued to laugh and my face got even hotter. Then the door opened to my Mom, Janice, and Jason looking worried. I could see the confusion on their face but then they relaxed. "Lucian, what are you laughing about?" Janice asked with amusement clear in her voice.

He finally sobered up and said, "Devan broke the zipper on her suitcase." They all stared at me then at the zipper in my hand. Janice and Mom chuckled while Jason rolled his eyes and smiled at his still smiling son.

"Are you alright baby?" My mom asked me.

I nodded, too embarrassed to say anything. "Will you be able to open your suitcase?" Jason asked me.

I shrugged. "I don't know, let me try." I tried to lift up the top but only one side would go up a little bit. I huffed, the zipper was still stuck on something. Lucian came over and I moved my hands. He grabbed the top with one hand and with the other he held the suitcase down. He started to pull the top and bottom apart and I heard a ripping sound. When I saw what was ripping my eyes widened in horror. It was my a pair of my new underwear that mom got me. It was granny panties.

I closed my eyes in horror and hoped that this was all a nightmare. When I heard a snort a little part of me died. When I opened them a little bit Lucian was smirking at me and the suitcase was wide open. "Might need to get some new underwear." I wanted to smack that smirk off of his face.

"Shut up." I snapped and grabbed the ripped underwear out of his hand. I slammed the my suitcase closed after I put the granny panties in it and practically ran out of the room.


Hey everybody! So what do you think so far? I plan on a lot of embarrassing stuff happening in this story! :) Anyways please favorite, like, and comment!

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