Never give up

Sarah Tomlinson is one of the little sisters of the famous one direction band member, Louis Tomlinson. but when she moves London from Doncaster her life gets better and better by the minute, she sees a long lost friend and makes new ones.


1. New home

Sarah POV:

"Finally here" I jump out of the cap and retrieve my suitcase and handbag, paid the taxi driver then I walk into the building and go up to the 3rd floor.

I rummage through my bag to look for my key when I hear a voice behind me, "need help?" "nah I'm fi... Louie?" I say as I turn around and face my brother, he smile and we hug then I find my key and let him in  and close the door and put my bag down and sit on the couch in front of Louie. 

"when you get here?" , "just a few minuets ago, so how has my big brother been?" he laughs and tells me all about one direction and the boys and I just smile and laugh when he told me all about the mucking around then someone knocked on the door so I go to answer it to see a curly haired boy standing in my doorway with green eyes and I just fall in love straight away, "may I help you? , "yeah I'm looking for Louis, is he here?" I nod and call out, "big brother you have as visitor" Louie runs up behind me and screams "HARRY!!!"  and runs back into the apartment so I invite harry into the room to look for Louie, "LOUIE, COME ON BIG BROTHER WHAT WILL TO..TOM...HE THINK IF HE WAS HERE' Louie comes out of his hiding spot to find me close to tears and comes over to me and hugs me tightly as I start to cry into his shoulder, "its okay, shh Sarah, its alright it'll be okay, we promised to make him happy didn't we?" I nod and wipe away my tears as Louie lets go of me and kisses my forehead then says to harry, "mate, I think its time to go, sleep tight little sis okay?" I just nod and close to door behind them, I go and put my pj's on but instead of going to bed I turn on the TV and the DVD player then slump on the couch and start watching Stewart little.

"Time to go to bed I think" I put my cup in the sink and turn off everything except for my bedside lamp, I sit in bed and just read until feel tired so I turn off the bed side lamp and go to sleep.

I wake up screaming then I start crying then I hear someone banging on my door.

Harry POV:

I'm just lying in my bed, thinking about Sarah when I hear screaming coming from Sarah's apartment so I get up, cant be bothered to on a shirt, and run out y door and start banging on the door, none of the neighbours came out and yelled, then I realise its unlocked so I rush in and run to her room and see her sitting on her bed so I walk up to her and sit down.

"H...Harry?" "hey are you alright?" "yeah I'm fine" "no your not" she starts crying again so i pull her towards me and hug her until she stops, he looks at the wall until i put two fingers under her chin and move her head so i'm looking into her sea green eyes (Lou's eyes, damn) and i look back and forth from her eyes and her lips, my eyes rest on her lips so i lean in.

Sarah's POV

Harry still had his fingers under my chin and his eyes (beautiful blue) were moving from my eyes to my lips and back then they rest on my lips and he leans in as his eyes move back to mine then he closes his eyes and brushes his thumb against my cheek, his lips touch mine ever so gently that is feels like they are not there then they crush down on mine, first i don't know what to do but then my lips move in sync with his and i close my eyes.

​"you flip your hair gets me over whelmed, but you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell you don't know, you don't know your beautiful" i hear soft singing in my ear so i move my head and open my eyes as the sining stops, "aww you never let me finish the song","finish the song then Mr Styles","that what makes you beautiful!","there happy now?","not yet" he leans and kisses me until we are out of breath, "now i am, come on lets go" i sit up confused then i realise i was using Harry's lap as a pillow and i blush then look away so he doesn't see me but he does so i stand up off the bed.

Harry's POV

I see her blush and look away from me so i sneak behind her and wrap my arms around her waist and lift her off the ground and she laughs when i do then i purposely fall back onto the bed and she lands on me with her hands out as she falls and she lands on my chest with her facing me but as she lands, her lips fall onto mine but she pulls away and tries to get up but i still have my arms around her waist and she falls back down, "let me up Harry","nooo i don't want to"," but my sister is coming and i need to clean up"," one more kiss?"," fine" she leans forward and we kiss.





​Hope you guys like it, this is my first story EVER!!!! so enjoy and please comment on what you think about it so far so BYEEEE!!!!

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