Never give up

Sarah Tomlinson is one of the little sisters of the famous one direction band member, Louis Tomlinson. but when she moves London from Doncaster her life gets better and better by the minute, she sees a long lost friend and makes new ones.


2. Family problems

Sarah's POV

I walk into the bathroom to brush my hair, while I'm doing that I feel some one snake their arms around my waist as I turn around I see harry smiling at me, I stand on my tip toes to kiss him but I hear someone banging on the door so I tell him to stay put. 

"Louie, what are you doing here?"

"where's Harry?"


"​BECAUSE LIAM SAW HARRY WALK INTO YOUR APARTMENT LAST NIGHT" he yells then he storms in the door and i turn to see him punch Harry in the nose

"LOUIE, STOP" CaItlin screams from the doorway as I'm crying on the floor up against the wall, Caitlin walks up and pulls Louie off Harry then starts shouting something but I only hear bits like, 'Tommy' and 'Harry' and lastly I hear my name then Louie looks over at me, he starts to come over but Kaytlin stops him and shakes her head then Louie out of the apartment, Harry gets up and comes over to me and pulls me up and calms me down because i was still crying.

Caitlin's POV

"Sarah, go get changed while i clean up Harry's wounds okay?" I follow Harry to the bathroom and I get to work on his wounds.

"So you love my sister, hmm?"

"yeah I do"

​"well just don't break her heart, it's been broken too many times"

"what do you mean by 'broke  too many times'?"

​"you don't know?"

"know what?"

"well we had another brother Thomas, but he liked being called Tommy, well we were on holiday in Scandinavia to see grandma and dad, after mum died dad moved in with grandma because we are third American, third Brittish and third Scandinavian because mum was Scandinavian before she learnt american, Dad blamed Sarah, saying that she was what caused mum to die so she ran off and Tommy, being a big brother, ran after her but the rest i don't know except after like 8 hours the police found us and they had Sarah, blood shot eyes, wrapped protectively in a blanket"


i turn around and see Sarah with tear stains cheeks and I realise that she was listening, I see Harry get up and walk over to her and hugs her tightly then asks, "tell me the rest of the story please" she just nods and leads us to the lounge room couch, harry sits down and puts Sarah on his lap.

Sarah's POV

"Well after I ran away from dad, i got lost in a nearby market"

Harry's grip tightens on my waist

"Little did I know Tommy followed me so when I saw him, I hugged him tightly but when I pulled away I remembered what dad said so I started to walk away but i got knocked out and so did Tommy" i pause trying to remember 

Harry kisses my cheek and I continued 

"when I woke up i was tied up to a chair with Tommy still asleep next to me so I woke him up but then some ugly looking guys came then they start asking questions about dad but i didn't know anything so they moved onto Tommy, but when he wouldn't talk the guy would slap me just to motivate him but he still wouldn't talk so the guy pulled out a gun and pointed it at my head but Tommy still wouldn't talk but then they pointed the gun at him and...and..." i couldn't say any more.







WOW two chapters in one night and , OH CLIFHANGER what do you think happened to Tommy that Sarah wouldn't say, so enjoy!!!!

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