last minutes for my love

There is always something about Alexis's boyfriend, and that is that everything he plans, are last minute, but this time it's gone too far Alexis. Read how below


1. the deal with my boyfriend.

     I've never had a boyfriend so surprising. Everything that he talks about is his stupid "gang brothers" (his band name) and he's rarely there for me. I'm there for him. we're only dating because he's the only one I can spill my guts at, and he takes the punches instead of... well anyone else. But lately, he's been a dick. Mostly because his drummer, Truman quit the job, and no one will refill the space. He asked me several times. I can't play the drums, I'm a dancer, and I'm still in school, so I don't have time for drum lessons. In two days his concert is coming up, but he doesn't have a lot of subscribers so there really isn't anything to stress about. He seems worried as shit in every minute that passes. In fact he hasn't come to school since Truman quit, just trying to get a new drummer in such a short time period. I promised to be back stage to comfort him but now I'm scared as hell to show up.


          Last night, Truman texted me saying he's taking his drum set after the concert, and asking me who took his place. I responded okay, and no one yet.I think i will unexpectedly, hopefully not!!! He said he felt bad for me and that he would advertise a refill spot today.

no one took it.


          It's just left for me to take his place.




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