Hello, Marcel. (Redone)

This is the story of Marcel Styles and Gracie Shields. However, it is redone from my former story. If you want to read the original (it's unfinished, and I feel pretty bad for that), it'll be with my other stories. Enjoy!


2. Chapter 2


 "Fine," Corbin said, shoving Marcel down one more time.

 "Marcel! Are you ok?" I asked, trying to help him up.

 "I'm ok, just a little sore," He said, trying to fake a smile. You could see the hurt in his face.

 "I'm going to take you to the nurse, ok? Then I'll go tell the principal."

 "Ok, just don't tell my mom. Please," he pleaded. Why doesn't he want us to tell his mom? Most of the time kids want their parents to know when they get hurt. Then they get to go home and not have to worry about this place.

 We stumbled up the steps a little bit. We talked some on the way over there. Marcel actually turned out to be pretty cool. Not like I didn't think he would be, it was just nice to find another person like that. We walked into the nurse's office, and she couldn't help but look at us both.

 "Let me guess: another victim of Corbin Smith?"

 "Bingo," both Marcel and I said.

 "Just let him sit on the couch, and I'll go tell the principal," the nurse said, heading towards to door.

 "Actually, I can go and tell him. I mean, I witnessed the fight," I said, stopping her.

 "Well, that would save us time here, and get Marcel feeling better quicker," she said, nodding her head. I head out the door, and look at Marcel one more time. He slightly smiles at me, which makes me smile right back.

 I begin my walk across the campus to the high school office. It takes me about 7 to 8 minutes to get there, just to find out Coach Rainwater wasn't there.

 "Are you sure he's not here?" I ask the secretary.

 "I'm sorry Gracie, but I am 100% sure he is not here today. The vice principal is here, if you would like to talk to him."

 "I guess that's what I'll have to do," I say, walking towards the vice principal's office.

 "Coach Trimble?" I ask, knocking on the door.

 "If this is about the fight that went on earlier, I have handled it. Corbin is suspended, and if he pulls this again, he will be expelled," Coach Trimble said sternly.

 "Oh, ok. That answers what I was going to talk about."

 "Before you leave Ms. Shields, how is Marcel? I saw you leave with him, but he did not come back with you."

 "I'm not very sure how he is. I was just about to go back and see him in the nurse's office."

 "Tell him about Corbin, and that he doesn't have to worry about this kind of behavior anymore," Coach Trimble said, turning back around. "I also rarely let the students leave the building without asking beforehand, but you seem to have an exception."

 "Thank you, Coach Trimble," I said, turning around. Corbin's suspended, again? I thought he would be expelled by now, but I guess I thought wrong.


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