Hello, Marcel. (Redone)

This is the story of Marcel Styles and Gracie Shields. However, it is redone from my former story. If you want to read the original (it's unfinished, and I feel pretty bad for that), it'll be with my other stories. Enjoy!


1. Chapter 1

I quickly grabbed what I needed for my next class and shut my locker. I had a book and binder in one hand, and a bottle of Mountain Dew in the other. I turned around, but maybe a little too quickly.

 "Woah Gracie, in a hurry to get somewhere?" Abbie asked, giggling.

 "Just trying to get to my next class on time. Don't need to be written up because I'm late. Again," I said, rolling my eyes.

 "Yeah, I really wouldn't like to spend my lunch alone," Abbie said, laughing again.

 "What's going on over there?" I asked. Little did I know, a huge crowd had gathered close to us.

 "Fight! Fight! Fight!" the crowd chanted.

 "You won't do anything, nerd."

 "That wasn't who I think it is, is it?" Abbie asked, looking at me. But I already knew who it was. Corbin Smith, the school's number one jock and bully.

 "Come on Corbin, I just wanted to get to Calculus."

 I had heard that voice somewhere, but I couldn't match it to a face. I decided to get a closer look at who Corbin was fighting with this time. I pushed my way through the crowd, elbowing a few people in the ribs and quickly saying sorry for my actions. After I saw who was in front of Corbin, my heart sank into my stomach.

 "Message from Abbie: Where are you???"

 I had forgotten to tell Abbie I was going to the front of the crowd. I couldn't really move now, mostly because I didn't want to be rude. Again.

 "Message to Abbie: Sorry I didn't tell you. I'm at the front of the crowd, just try and come up here with me."

 My eyes drifted back up to the fight. He was trying to cower away, but Corbin would walk in his direction.

 "Corbin, I really don't want to do this."

 "Who asked if you wanted to do this? You've been spreading rumors about me around the school. I'm putting a stop to that now."

 "But can't we just talk it through? Have a nice handshake and go in our opposite ways?"

 The crowd erupted in laughter after this comment. Everyone except me, of course. I wanted to do something, but it was like my feet were nailed to the floor.

 "Gracie, what's going--" Abbie stopped, looking at what I saw. "He's fighting Corbin? What is he thinking?!"

 "Come on, nerd, stand up. Just get this over with."

 He stood up, but did not raise his head. He stared at the floor, waiting for whatever Corbin would do to him. Corbin snickered, coming closer. He drew his hand back, and aimed it at the boy's left cheek. This sent him stumbling backwards. Another hit came from Corbin, but this time in the right cheek. The boy tried to fight back, hitting Corbin square in the face. Corbin acted like it didn't faze him, but, in reality, he was hurting. Blood began to pour out of his nose.

 "So you want to act like that?" Corbin asked, smirking. A kick landed in the boy's stomach, sending him to his knees. Another hit, another kick. They just kept coming.

 "Corbin!" I screamed. He stopped hitting the boy and looked at me, along with the rest of the school.

 "What do you want, Gracie? Can't you see I'm a bit busy here?"

 "Leave him alone," I said, slowly walking towards the two.

 "Leave who alone?" Corbin asked, throwing his hands in the air. He added a little laugh at the end.


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