Dragon Spawn

Story of a lovable pyromaniac.


1. Afternoon Barbecue


"Touch it, it won't be hot" Jaime said to him. He did not believe Jaime, but he believed in himself. For as long as he remembered, he was always immune to heat. The fact that he was a pyromaniac was an added bonus. At 13 years of age, Nathan was pretty much smarter than rest of the 8th graders. "I am not going to touch it man! The last thing I want is my parents seeing me with burn marks. They'll just think I'm smoking and shit" he said. "You're such a wuss!" Jaime laughed. "I bet you still wet your pants." Nathan wanted to retort back, but there were better ways of payback than just quipping a smart ass one liner.

"Here's the deal" he said. "we each bring an object of our choice, something flammable obviously. We have to light it on fire and throw it into some abandoned house. The one whose object burns down the entire house wins and the other one has to touch this. what say?" Jaime was listening intently, with a amused smirk on his face. "Well, that's great and all" Jaime said " but tell me one thing, are you fucking insane?" They both broke into simultaneous laughter. Nathan let out an exaggerated sigh. "Well then, let's race till the forest clearing. The loser has to touch it. What say?"

"Deal" said Jaime. He knew he was going to win. Nathan knew it too.

"Well then, a deal is a deal" Jaime said. He was panting due to all that running. "I won, and you have to touch it now." As much as he would have liked to do it, Nathan knew he had to put up a mock refusal if he had to pull it off. "I'm sorry man, its just not worth it. I won't be touching it." he said. "Oh for god's sake Nathan!" Jaime thundered "that was not what we had agreed to. You made a promise asswipe, now fulfill it like a man. Hell man, its just some pieces of burnt sticks. the fuck are you afraid of?"

'He has taken the bait.' Nathan thought. "But..." he began saying something, but Jaime cut him off.  "Don't make me force you Nathan. I'd rather you do it of your own free will." he added. "Fiiine" sighed Nathan. "I'll do it." He pulled back his shirt sleeve and readied himself. " On the count of three" Jaime shouted. "One, two aaaaaaand three!! Go grab that son of a bitch!" Nathan thrust his hand in the smoldering pile. Some blackened and burnt sticks cracked in the process. "Well it not as hot as i imagi.." he began to say. He was cut mid sentence by the crackling sounds in the pile. his hand had started smoldering in the places which were in contact with the sticks.

"What the fuck! What the fuck! What the fuck!" shouted Jaime. "Remove your hand goddammmit!!" Nathan chuckled and slowly removed his hand out of the pile. " Don't worry Jaime, the pile was cold as fuck. Its my hand that is on fire." And that is when Jaime saw it. Dark green flames had engulfed Nathan's hand yet it didn't seem like he was in agony. The flames were entwined with his fingers and covered his hands all the way up to his forearms. It seemed like he was somehow controlling the flames. 

Jaime was mortified. "What the fuck is wrong with you Nathan? Don't mess around with fire. Its no joke!" Nathan didn't seem to hear Jaime. " I have always wondered why my flames were green." he said " I was never a fan of this emerald hue." Jaime staggered backwards, he decided to make a run for it. Nathan seemed to notice that "Jaimie" he said calmly "I see you're trying to flee. Well, you're certainly welcome to try."  Emerald green flames started surrounding Jaime. His features started to melt before he could even raise a cry for help. It was all over as quickly as it had begun. A few charred bones were all that remained of Jaime. 

"Well" said Nathan smiling to himself " I guess we have a few more burnt sticks to add to the pile."


"Hey Sam, check this out!" signaled Nathan " looks like someone here was trying to burn some sticks. Lets go check it out."

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