The Heartsmith

Have you ever read a book that brought you to another world?


10. Broken Heart

Slowly he held out a broken heart. "Well...." The Heart smith's smile faded a bit when he saw how bad the  heart was broken. Then his smile came back birther and bigger then ever before. "Oh boy...that looks damaged." He said frowning a bit but then smiled hoping to make the man smile as well. "I see... so you can't fix it then..." The man said as he frowned and looked down at his broken heart. The heart smith bit his lip and then yelled out really fast. "No! I can fix it! It's just...that it might take awhile...." The heart smith was hoping the man would be happy knowing he could fix his broken heart but the man didn't smile. "That might be a problem..." was all he said and the heart smith knew now that their was more to the story then what he was told.

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