Legs and Spaghetti

Papyton Fanfiction :D Papyrus and mettaton romance and drama in the rest of the underground.


2. Undyne the Love Coach

Papyrus sat on Undyne's counter, nervously kicking the cupboard underneath. "S-so, Undyne, you said you could get me a date with Mettaton?" "Of course, Papyrus! If I had known you liked Mettaton before, you guys would be MARRIED by now!" She cried. Papyrus stared at Undyne. "MARRIED?" He yelled. "UNDYNE YOU'RE THE BEST!" He jumped off the counter and threw his arm around her, ignoring how she stiffened and tried to squirm away. "Papyrus, can you not?" She mumbled. "Oh, yeah, sorry!" His face suddenly lit up and he grabbed Undyne's wrist.  "Let's go in your room!" "WHAT?" She screamed, pulling away. "What are you implying? No nerds allowed!" Suddenly she blushed deeply, like she regretted saying that. "Well, maybe some nerds... BUT NOT YOU!" "But Undyne, all dates are in bedrooms, and you can be my practice date!" He grabbed her wrist again, pulling her into her room. "WHERE DID YOU GET THAT IDEA?" She screamed, but followed him in. There was no explaining your reason to Papyrus, he just didn't understand, and in this case he was just too innocent. She hoped Mettaton didn't go too fast, Papyrus wouldn't be ready for that. Papyrus sat on her bed and stared at her, like he wasn't sure how to start a date. "Have you ever been on a date before?" Undyne asked. "Um, once with Frisk, but I didn't really like him." "Wait... Papyrus, you know Frisk is a girl right?" "Um, I thought she was a boy." "I... Wait, does anyone actually know what gender Frisk is?" Papyrus thought for a moment. Finally he looked up at her. "No." Undyne cringed and cleared her throat. "Alright, enough chatter! We have to get on with our practice date!" "Right!" Papyrus said brightly, jumping up from the bed. "OKAY! First we are going to go on a dinner date!" "Okay! I'll get the spaghetti!" Undyne caught his shoulder and pushed him back. "NOOOOO Papyrus. If I know Mettaton, he'll wan't to eat at his restaurant. Spaghetti isn't exactly something he likes." "Oh." Papyrus looked sad for a moment, but his frown was gone as soon as it came. "Then... What will we eat?" "Glamburgers." Undyne replied, running to her fridge and coming back with two hamburgers covered in pink glitter. "Now, you have to pretend I am Mettaton." "But Mettaton is a boy." Undyne sighed and said, "PRETEND PAPYRUS!" "OKAY, OKAY, YOU DON'T HAVE TO SHOUT AT ME!" Papyrus cried, grabbing the glamburger and shoving it in his mouth. "NO PAPYRUS YOU HAVE TO COMPLIMENT ME BEFORE YOU EAT!" "Oh, right." Papyrus cleared his throat. "You look... Very like a fish today, Mettaton." Undyne rolled her eyes, but said, "Why, thank you, darling." She paused. "Okay, now you can eat your glamburger." "YAY!" Papyrus exclaimed, wolfing it down. "Now what do we do?" Undyne stared at him, just starting on her glamburger. "Um, now we go to your house, I guess, or you take me home." "Well, I'll take you home. What would we do at your house" Undyne almost burst out laughing. "Um... Nothing." She mumbled, smiling. Papyrus was going to get a big surprise when Mettaton wanted to go to his house.  Papyrus got up and took Undyne's arm, which she looped around his. Then he walked her to his car and drove up and down the road for a bit until Undyne yelled, "THAT'S ENOUGH!" Then Papyrus dropped her off at her house. "Okay, bye Undyne! Thanks for teaching me how to drive!" "Um... That's not what I was going for, but okay." Undyne said, yawning. She walked into her house as Papyrus drove away and called Mettaton. "Hello darling!" "Hi Mettaton. I have a boy that I want to set you up on a date with." "Oh?" Mettaton said nervously. "His name is Papyrus, and he's a skeleton." "Oh, he sounds nice, but Toby Fox told me I am straight." Undyne almost screamed. "WHO THE HELL IS TOBY FOX? F**K TOBY FOX! PAPYRUS IS A SWEET BOY AND HE REALLY LIKES YOU AND-" "Okay, okay, I'll go out with him." Mettaton said. Maybe he wouldn't be so bad.

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