Legs and Spaghetti

Papyton Fanfiction :D Papyrus and mettaton romance and drama in the rest of the underground.


3. The Date

"Ready for your date Paps?" Sans asked his brother, looking up at him and giving him a pat on the back. Papyrus straightened his tie. "I'm more than ready!" He exclaimed. "Good." Sans said, nodding. They got in the car and drove to MTT resort. "Okay, here we are." "Thanks Sans." Papyrus said, getting out of the car and walking inside. Mettaton was inside, waiting for him. "M-Mettaton!" He gasped when he saw him. Mettaton turned at the sound of his name. She stared at the beaming skeleton standing in the doorway. His shirt said cool dude and he wore sunglasses on his biceps. In his hand there was a bundle of flowers. This must be the monster Alphys set me up with! Mettaton thought, walking towards Papyrus. "Hello, Darling! Are you Papyrus?" "Y-yes." Papyrus blushed a bright orange. "Oh my, aren't you adorable." Mettaton said, pushing back his black bangs. "N-no, you are, your fabulous!" Mettaton laughed. "I know I am, darling! Let's sit down. " He pulled back a chair for Papyrus, who gladly took a seat. Burgerpants came around to give them the menus. "Mettaton!" He hissed, "Why are you-" "Shut up!" Mettaton interrupted. He turned back to Papyrus. "So, what do you do?" "Oh, I'm a royal guardsman!" Papyrus exclaimed. "Are you now?" "W-well, I'm in training... but I will be one day!" Mettaton chuckled. "Well, I think you would make a great royal guardsman." Papyrus blushed deeply. "R-really?" "Of course, darling." "Well, I am the great Papyrus!" Mettaton smiled. "Yes, you are. We should probably order, don't you think?" "Oh, of course!" They both took a moment to look at the menu. Remembering Undyne's advice, Papyrus ordered a glamburger, and so did Mettaton. "So I hear your my number one fan?" Mettaton asked. "Yes! Yes I am!" Papyrus replied proudly. He pulled out something from his pocket. "I- I made you this to prove it." He handed the drawing to Mettaton. It was a picture of them holding hands, Mettaton had been drawn with long legs, Papyrus had lots of muscles. They stood in front of Grillby's, with Sans drinking ketchup in the background. "Darling, this is so sweet." Mettaton said, looking at the drawing fondly. "I'll treasure this forever." Papyrus beamed. "W-well, since we're both finished, would you like me to drive you home?" "Oh, Darling, that's so kind of you. I have to stay here for my next show, however. I'll see you soon, Darling." "Bye Mettaton!" Papyrus called, waving goodbye as he left. He climbed into his car. Sans peered out from the backseat. "Not takin' him home, bro?" "No, I'm not. You can go back in the drivers seat." Sans sighed, crawling into his seat. "So how'd it go?" "Wonderful!" Papyrus replied.

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