Legs and Spaghetti

Papyton Fanfiction :D Papyrus and mettaton romance and drama in the rest of the underground.


1. Action Figures

"Hey, bro, what's for dinner?" Sans asked, waiting for Papyrus' almost immediate response ("SPAGHETTI!"). Papyrus ripped open the door to the refrigerator, pulling out two containers of his infamous spaghetti.  He tossed them into the microwave and waited for them to heat up. Sans sat on the couch and turned on the TV, which had been left on Mettaton's show, as always. When Papyrus heard Mettaton's gorgeous voice coming from the living room, he ran to the couch to sit by Sans, completely abandoning his Spaghetti, and making an odd squealing noise as he did this. He tried to snatch the remote away from Sans, but his brother rolled off the couch just as his fingers brushed it. "Sans, GIVE ME THE REMOTE!" Papyrus yelled, lurching forward to try to grab it again. Sans grinned and stepped out of the way, leaving Papyrus to fly into the wall, a bit like in the movies, when someone smashes against a window and slides down it very slowly until they drop. "SANS, I SAID GIVE ME THE REMOTE!" Papyrus shrieked, jumping up and flying at Sans again. Sans merely stepped to the side again, watching Papyrus fly into the other wall. "SANS WHY?" Papyrus groaned, slumping against the couch. "Dude, why do you like that show anyway?" Sans asked, seating himself back on the couch. Papyrus sat up straight, grinning. "Well, Sans, how could I not? Mettaton is true beauty! He is talented, confident, gorgeous, and those legs..." Papyrus explained dreamily, staring of into the distance. "Okay, okay, we can watch your show." Sans said, putting the remote down. Papyrus jumped up. "Really Sans, NYEHEHEHE! Thanks!" He replied, jumping onto the couch. Sans suddenly grabbed the remote again and reached into the pocket of his hoodie. "If you tell me why you have these." Sans said, pulling out five Mettaton action figures, to Papyrus' horror. "W-where did you find those?" Sans smirked. "In your room." Papyrus swallowed hard, even though he technically couldn't do that because he was a skeleton. "I-I've never s-seen those i-in my life." "Really?" Sans said slyly, "Then what was a picture of Mettaton doing taped to your pillow?" "SANS!!" Papyrus yelled, blushing a deep shade of orange. "W-WHY?" Sans grinned, "Tell me, or the show goes off." "NO! I-I'll FIGHT YOU!" "REALLY?" Sans, shouted, still grinning. Papyrus jumped off the couch, throwing his arms around Sans and reaching for the remote. Sans, squirmed out of Papyrus' grasp and holding the remote over the trash can. "I'LL DO IT!" He screamed. "NOOOOOO!" Papyrus cried, falling to his knees. "P-PLEASE SANS!" "ONLY IF YOU TELL ME IF YOU REALLY HAVE A CRUSH ON METTATON!" Papyrus sunk to the floor. "F-FINE! YES, I LOVE HIM SANS, HE'S EVERYTHING TO ME!" The door suddenly burst open. "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN HERE?" It was Undyne. "I CAN HEAR YOU FROM MY HOUSE!" "Oh, h-hello, Undyne." Papyrus greeted her, jumping to his feet. "Can I delight you in some of my delicious spaghetti?" Undyne looked confused. "Um, sure, whatever Papyrus." As Papyrus scurried over to the kitchen, Undyne shrunk back into the door. "SANS, WHY ARE YOU HOLDING THE REMOTE OVER THE TRASH CAN DO YOU REALIZE HOW DANGEROUS THAT IS?" Undyne screamed. "Um, what are you talking about?" Sans asked her. Undyne looked like she was going to explode. "SANS WTF?" "I really don't know what you're talking about." Sans said, shrugging, still holding the remote over the trash can. "O-okay, whatever Sans." Undyne muttered, sitting down on the couch. Papyrus came running into the living room suddenly, holding two plates and balancing one on his head. I had to heat up a whole other container for you, but, you know, it's cool!" He said, holding out a plate of spaghetti for Undyne to take. "You know, cool, like me." He turned to see Sans still holding the remote over the trash can. "SANS CUT IT OUT!" He shouted as the plate on his head almost fell off. "Okay, bro, since you confessed." Sans said, tossing the remote to Undyne and taking the plate off of Papyrus' head. They sat down next to Undyne. "Right. okay, what are we watching?" Undyne asked, flipping through the guide. "Um, actually, since Papyrus confessed to me about his deepest, darkest secret, we were going to watch Mettaton's show. "Right, of course." Undyne said, flipping back to Mettaton's show. "I mean, it's not like I wanted to watch anime or anything... Hey, what is Papyrus' deepest, darkest secret?"  "He has a crush on Mettaton." Sans said casually, taking a bite of spaghetti. "WHAT?" Undyne screamed. "OH MY GOD PAPYRUS, HOW COULD YOU NOT TELL ME THIS?" She looked from Papyrus to Sans, back to Papyrus, and then back to Sans. "SANS DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS?" "My spaghetti is cold?" "OH MY GOD NO SANS NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR DAMN SPAGHETTI!" Suddenly there was a knock at the door. "COME IN!" Papyrus shouted cheerfully, hopeful to change the subject. Frisk came walking in. "I heard screaming. What's going on?" "PAPYRUS HAS A CRUSH ON METTATON!" Undyne squealed, running over to Frisk and grabbing her shoulders. "DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS?" "Papyrus likes the robot that tried to kill me multiple times? Cool." Frisk said, looking over Undyne's shoulder at Papyrus and Sans and smiling at them. Undyne threw her hands up in frustration. "OH MY GOD YOU GUYS ARE IDIOTS!" She marched over to Papyrus. "I KNOW METTATON! I HANG OUT WITH HIM ALL THE TIME! MY GIRLFRIEND IS THE ONE WHO FREAKING MADE HIM!" Papyrus' face lit up. "Really Undyne?" "YES!" Undyne shouted, completely fed up with how stupid everyone was being. "W-will you ask him out for me?" Papyrus asked, excitement overflowing him. "YES!!!!!" Undyne screamed, then whispered to Frisk, "This is just like an anime!" Frisk nodded furiously.


Papyrus lay in his bed, which was shaped like a race car, holding one of his Mettaton action figures above him. He fiddled with the arms and the legs absent minded. Sans might think they were stupid, but he loved them. He was cool, the coolest monster in the underground, and what he thought was cool was obviously cool, right? He set his action figure on his nightstand and turned on his side, drifting off into a dreamless sleep. No, actually, that was a lie. He dreamed glamour filled dreams about Mettaton. 

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