Dan, Phil and Me

All those Dan and Phil love 'phanfics' just don't really appeal to me because I mean really, I'd much rather they fought for me than for each other. So of course I wrote it down.

Just another FanFiction about two amazing people.


2. Chapter Two

I faintly heard the sound of something banging, like a door or maybe someone falling down the stairs. My eyes slowly opened one at a time and my blurry vision tried to focus on the dark figure standing a few feet away.

“What the fuck?” their voice was way too loud for me and I flinched.

I kept blinking until I could make out a somewhat familiar face; a guy was stood with a laptop in his hands, a bowl balanced on top.

“Why the hell are you here?” the guy seethed and I remembered what had happened last night; this rude guy was called Dan; I had slept here.

 I groaned and sat up “Shush, you’re too loud.” I mumbled and smoothed out my clothes.

I looked towards the guy and noticed his grip was slipping on the laptop, the bowl sliding a little.

“Hey, put that down or you’ll drop it.” I said pointing towards him and he scowled, moving to the dining table against the back wall.

He puts it down and turns to face me, the bowl seemed to be filled with brightly coloured cereal.

“Who said you could stay here?” he asked, glaring.

“DAN!” I flinched again at the loud voice and turned to see Phil leaping through the doorway, he was dressed in star wars pajamas unlike Dan who seemed fully clothed in black.

“Dan! I said she could stay over because it got really late and dark, okay?” Phil explained as he slowly moved towards me whilst watching how Dan would respond.

I stood up from the sofa and ran a hand through my less than fresh hair.

Dan was glaring at me past Phil’s shoulder and I sighed “It’s fine Phil, I need to go now anyway, my auntie will start panicking if she wakes up and I’m not there.”

Phil turned around as I was speaking and a surprised look formed on his face. “Oh, are you sure? Do you want me to ring a taxi?”

I shook my head and walked towards the door, adjusting my coat.

“No, I’m sure I’ve caused you enough trouble as it is, but thanks for the offer.” I said quietly but turned around, I expected an insult.

Dan had already dropped to the sofa, his laptop balanced on his lap whilst his hands cradled the bowl of cereal, his eyes trained on the screen. I narrowed my eyes but chose to stay quiet at his arrogance.

“Well, if you insist, I’ll walk you out.” Phil quickly moved past me and I watched him go in his pajamas, was he really going outside like that? Then again I probably looked no better.

As I met Phil at the doorway he gave me a slip of paper “Here, if you get lost again, just ring, okay?”

Phil smiled genuinely down at me and I felt my lips curl “Thanks Phil, you’ve been really nice to me.”

His smile widened and I turn to the door, twisting the handle.

“Well, bye!” I grinned back at Phil as I began down the stairs.

I turned at the next flight of stairs to see Phil still watching, he waved and I walk on. My smile stayed stuck to my face all the way down the stairs and only broke when I stepped outside, the rain pelting my face. I quickly covered my head and started sprinting down the street I had come down yesterday. Everything seemed much more familiar in the daylight.

Without too much trouble, I found my way back to my aunts, even though I was drenched with rain. As I shut the front door behind me, I sighed and immediately stripped off my coat, shoes and socks.

“Vanessa?” I bit my lip and quickly scrubbed the remains of my makeup off my face as I heard my aunt stomping down the stairs.

“Vanessa! You’re soaking wet!” my aunt slid into view, her hair one giant brown knot and her dressing gown wrapped tight around her bulging waist.

“Ah, sorry I went for a walk and the rain just came out of nowhere!” I smiled brightly at her and her worried expression melted into a smile.

“Alright, just bring an umbrella next time would you? Go get changed and I’ll put the kettle on.” She slowly turned and plodded down the corridor.

I sighed quietly and grimaced at the sodden clothes sticking to my body. Once in my room, I stripped from the clothes and changed into a set of pajamas and fuzzy socks, I wasn’t planning on leaving the house today, plus work didn’t start until tomorrow. I threw my hair up into a bun and rubbed my face clean.

“Vanessa?” my aunt called up the stairs and I reluctantly went down to the kitchen.

“Ah, how many sugars?” I stood in the doorway and lightly smile “Just one, thanks.”

I watched her busily move about the kitchen, springing down the toaster and taking out the extra-large tub of butter from the fridge.

“Milk?” I straightened up in surprise “Oh, yeah, please.”

A large mug of tea is placed in front of me and I gingerly picked it up, clasping it in my hands. I looked down at the brown liquid swirling in the mug and smiled, remembering the sweet hot chocolate Phil had given me.

I went back up to my room and sat down in the middle of my bed, the mug resting on my knee. I finished the tea and laid down, the warmth still spreading through my body. I looked up and stared at the ceiling, yesterday had been interesting, interesting and weird. Phil was so nice but what was wrong with that guy Dan? What did I do to him? Some people just confused me. I closed my eyes and let myself fall back asleep, feeling slightly exhausted from the past events.

I woke up a couple of hours later, it had already gone past lunch and my stomach was growling as I stood up. My aunt would still be at home and I didn’t think I could take another one of her meals, the last one took a whole hour to finish. I decided to get changed into my usual black jeans and hoodie and adventure out to the local co-op.

I snuck downstairs and pulled on my black boots as my converse still sat in a puddle from this morning. I picked up my rucksack from the floor and shrugged it over one shoulder, before reaching for the door handle.

“Vanessa?” I spun round in surprise at my aunt’s voice, for a big woman she sure could be quiet.

“Are you going somewhere?” she was peeking out of the doorway into the living room.

“Um, yeah I’m just going to have a look around again.” I smiled innocently at her and she gave me an unsure look “Okay, just don’t stay out too late.”

I smiled again and nodded my head “Okay.”

She slowly moved away from the doorway and I sighed before quickly opening the door and stepping out onto the path. I pushed my phone further into my back pocket and turn right down the street. The co-op was only a couple of minutes away but if I was lucky I’d get lost again.

I walked, looked left and right, walked some more then stopped for the automatic door. I went inside and headed for the snack aisle. One pack of pringles and a share bag of gummy bears later, I was heading for the counter. I placed them down on the counter and started to rummage around in my rucksack for my purse.

“Hey, wait are you Vanessa?” I froze as the guy behind the till said my name.

I looked up at the unfamiliar face, “What?” I asked, worried.

“You’re Vanessa, right? The girl who stayed with Dan and Phil last night?” My eyes widened at his comment and the guy seemed to notice because a second later he was showing me a picture of myself sitting on that sofa holding the mug of hot chocolate, a stupid smile on my face.

“What the hell?! Are you a stalker?” I narrowed my eyes at the man and he looked surprised “What? No. Phil posted this on his twitter last night, I mean thousands of people probably know your face now.”

My eyes continued to widen and I quickly paid for my pringles and gummy bears before hurriedly leaving the shop. What the hell?! Thousands of people? When did he take that? Who were those guys?!

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