*WIP* thingie part 3!!

ayy they got a job, WS mostlys stays at home trying to plan what to do next although neither talk much about it AND SO MANY PEOPLE READING MY STUFF THANKS SO MUCH PEOPLE!! also i've been tagging this as /readerinsert/ - whoops - but works like that too right? nice...


1. *WIP* thinge part 3!!

When it came to food and other things that required heading outdoors it was me who had to go since:

I did not have a metal arm.

From the two of us i was the more experienced pickpocketer

I knew 17 more languages than him.

I was less prone to probably suddenly get triggered

I looked less suspiciuous/intimidating.


Which also led to me later having to get a job at a local resturant to wash the dishes

At some point you’ll get caught. They’ll find both of us here. they will get to us - thats what he had said.


So i worked from early middays to late evenings, patiently scrubbing at plates and glasses for the sake of getting money for us.

It was uneasy at first - a cook shouting at me suddenly resulted in him being slammed against a wall by me with a fork at his throat.


He never raised his voice at me after that.




A few other mistakes had happened in the run of the first month; i had dropped several glasses and plates - all of which had been taken from my earned money.


Elsely it was decent - sometimes they let me get leftovers which i would take home to split with him - out of all the things he had told me i never caught onto his name

It didnt matter.

At some point we’d be recaught and we’d forget everything again.


We ate quietly.

Mostly in separate ends of the room or at the table, again only if we were sure.

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