1. Normal

April 6th

London, England

It was a sunny Monday, unusually sunny for an average day in England, and I woke to the soothing sounds of chirping birds which relaxed in trees to the south of my apartment. The yellow fire which hung lightly in the tumbling breeze and plumped up white clouds burst through my pale blinds. I tossed to the right side of my bed indignantly, recalling last nights events, and then it hit me, I couldn't remember last night. My mind was a blur of enhanced lights and drinks being hoyed everywhere.

This morning seemed suspiciously cheery, with prancing pansies swaying in the draft and greenery grinning at me joyously. I tumbled reluctantly to the opposing side of the bed, knocking the pale headboard against my painted wall. A sudden pinging sound echoed in my ears. My mobile phone.

  "Great night last night!" ​- Katie

When did she attend?

  "Yeah, superb." I replied, although not knowing what she was recalling I didn't want to come off as rude, so I went along with what she was saying. Not too long later I got a reply back, 

   "Still with him then? Hope you had a nice night together!" she continued, but I had no idea who she was referring too, maybe Jamie, he is my best friend after all and I swear he was there last night. I decided to just not reply to this message and instead I waltzed across to the kitchen and made myself a bowl of muesli and grabbed an ice pack for my intently throbbing head.

Twelve o'clock hit and as I sat at my island counter, Macbook before me and mug of coffee by my side, I heard my phone vibrate on the marble counter, it was Katie again, inviting everyone out for lunch. Seeming as I was intensely hungover, the appropriate and probably right answer would be to decline her thoughtful offer, yet as everyone else danced at the invitation of being out together and politely accepted the invite, I suddenly felt obliged to go.

 "I'll see you there. At two yes?" I typed without thinking,

 "Yeah. Everyone meet outside." Katie answered almost immediately. 


I stood casually outside the entrance of Pizza Express, waiting for everyone to turn up, it was quater to two and I had arrived somewhat early as I was determined to not be the final person to arrive and hold up the group. It was fairly empty, there were a few cars lined up and parked across the street from me but apart from that the road was clear and calm. A man in a hooded coat and squared glasses stood to my right, slightly behind the restaurant and holding a cigarette in one hand, the cigarette was not lit yet he continuously pursed his lips together and put the cigarette between it, as if smoking. Theoretically, I should have realised he was watching me, yet my slightly lacking and sore brain failed to sense this.

I continued to wait, but after twenty minutes had passed, and the time was after two, I grew somewhat impatient. I saw the hooded man head in my direction, probably to pass by I thought. Yet I thought wrong. He walked fairly quickly towards me and stood on my right, "waiting for someone?" he asked curiously, taking another fake drag off the cigarette he still held, "fake smoking? That's unusual," I retorted, leaning back against the wall,

"observant. Anyway, I asked a question,"

"so did I." We stared at one another almost thoughtfully, trying to figure each other out.

"Smart girl. Hm," he took another fake drag,

"if you need a lighter just ask. Although I'm not sure you should smoke out here, it is a restaurant after all,"

"shut up." He hissed quickly, grabbing my arm,

"excuse me! Get off!" I screamed, flinching free. "Listen, I don't know what it is that you're after but I am waiting for someone so I suggest you piss off!" I shouted furiously, pushing him away.

"Sorry, sorry. Anyway, I never got your-" Just then I saw Katie step from her silver Mini Cooper car, flailing her arms at me in a wave and as I turned back to look, the hooded figure had evaporated. "OMG. Hey babe, can't believe you're here alone!" she called, dashing over to me,

"oh it's alright, I've been...occupied." She grabbed my arm and we entered the restaurant, chatting away and waiting for the others to follow on wards once they arrived.

After the meal I took it upon myself to invite all of my friends over, Katie, Olivia, Jeremy, Scott and Jordan. We all sat around my oak wood coffee table in my apartment while my flatmate Britney was out with her boyfriend Craig. I placed myself carefully between Scott and Olivia so that Katie could sit alone with Jordan on the armchair and Jeremy beside Olivia. You see, I quite like Scott and as my dearest friends, Olivia and Katie know this and as Katie and Jordan are best friends (so they say, I like to believe they're slightly more than that) and Olivia knows of my secret love for Scott, they decide to spare me by doing the kind thing of letting me sit beside him. Of course not to leave Olivia out, I allow her to perch beside me although Jeremy also has to join and being her ex boyfriend, the pair don't exactly see eye to eye. 

We switched the TV on as soon as we arrived at my apartment and Jordan immediately slid in a horror DVD therefore we were all forced to sit and watch. Although I am not a particular fan of horror films, so for the duration of the film I had my head buried mostly into Olivia's armpit and only came up to take a breath or nick a handful of popcorn.

"Eh, guess we'll be off," Jordan conducted, taking Katie by the hand, "you know how it is,"

"yeah, yeah. Well, thanks for a nice night," I replied, stretching as I stood, "how about you two, you staying the night?" I asked Olivia and Jeremy,

"nah, I'm going to shoot. Places to be, people to see, you know how it is." Jeremy retorted,

"I certainly do," snarled Olivia, "anyway yeah, I'll be going too, cheers again Lucy,"

"yeah thanks! Next time it'll have to be at my place," offered Jordan,

"yeah cool. Keep in touch, bye!" I waved everyone off.

Suddenly I and Scott were left alone, this wasn't unusual though as we have been best friends for years, Scott still sat on the sofa alone whilst I closed the door behind everyone. "So, what you want to do?" he asked, shuffling over to make room for me, "I don't mind, it's only seven, want to order a pizza? I can get that meat feast delight one you like," I tempted, curling up beside him. "Eh...yeah sure, I mean, if you want," he stuttered, checking his phone briefly,

"oh, I'm not keeping you am I? I mean, you can go if you want," I said, somewhat discouraged, "what's on your mind?"

"No no, I mean, well...I have this...date? Like, not a proper one just a business thing and I know we said tonight but I promised my boss Percy and-"

"Just go. Seriously," I sighed unenthusiastically, "I mean, if it's important,"

"It's for a new client. Her name is Sarah and I've met her before, she's lovely and she's really nice, come along if you want, I'll pay," Scott babbled intently. 

"No, no. I wouldn't want to be a burden, have a nice night," I walked over to the door and let Scott out, "goodnight."







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