Started With A Wrong Number

After sending a text message to the wrong number, Louis decides that it would be fun to continue texting this wrong number, and eventually forms feelings for this girl he hasn't even met


1. Chapter One

Chapter One


Jordan's P.O.V

"Honey, get your ass off that couch and do something with your life" My mother yelled from the kitchen

"Fine" I said getting up, "I'll go to the park then"


I sat down on a bench and looked around, there were young couples and children everywhere, I sighed.

'God, it's like everyone's in a damn relationship' I thought as my phone buzzed

'So what's the plan for lunch?' It read

Jordan: Erm who is this?

?: Oh quit joking with me, it's not funny

Jordan: What are you talking about?

?: I'm serious.

?: stop.

Jordan: And I'm serious too, who are you?!

?: Wait, so this isn't Niall?

Jordan: No, it's not

?: Shit.

?: I'm so sorry

Jordan: Damn right

?: Sassy, I like it

Jordan: Yeah, you just wish you were me, huh?

?: Nah, life's pretty great for me

Jordan: Oh yeah?

?: Yeah

?: You'd be surprised

Jordan: Doubt it

?: Wanna bet?

Jordan: Nope

?: Fine then

Jordan: Okey dokey, bye now

?: You can't just start a conversation and leave without telling me your name

Jordan: Yeah I can

?: Well that's not fair

Jordan: Well life's not fair so suck it

Jordan: up

?: ...

Jordan: Shut up

Jordan: I know it sounds wrong

?: Yeah

Jordan: Bye.

?: Wait no

?: Don't go

?: Please

Jordan: Ttyl

Jordan: maybe


'Ha, in your face' I laughed to myself

I looked around and it was starting to get dark, I got up and headed back toward my house


"Hey honey" My mum said as I closed the front door

"Hey" I said walking to the pantry

"Did you have fun?" She asked

"I guess" I mumbled, grabbing a bag of pretzels

"See, it's nice to get out of the house" She said smiling as I headed up the stairs

"Yep" I lied

"Goodnight!" My mum yelled

"Night!" I yelled back, closing my bedroom door

I jumped onto my bed and put my phone on it's charger

'Should I text that guy- or girl, again?' I thought for a bit, 'nah'

I opened the bag and stuffed a few pretzels in my mouth, I stared at my phone then I shut my eyes

'You are not going to text that person' I said to myself

I looked at the phone again

'Okay, you may, but for a bit' I thought as I reached for my phone

Jordan: hey

?: hi

Jordan: Wow, you replied fast

Jordan: Awe, was somebody waiting for me?

?: Pfft, no

?: maybe

?: yes

Jordan: Called it!

?: haha sure

Jordan: I did tho

?: I believe you

Jordan: okey dokey

?: So, are you gonna tell me your name or are you gonna leave me hanging?

Jordan: It's Jordan

Jordan: and before you ask, I'm a girl

?: Nice

Jordan: So, are you gonna tell me your name or are you gonna leave me hanging?

?: Haha, wow

Jordan: *waiting*

?: Louis

?: Louis Tomlinson

Jordan: I can't tell if you're lying or not

Louis?: I'm not lying

Jordan: Prove it

Louis?: Ok, let's FaceTime

Jordan: 'no FaceTime, but the people wanna Skype me'

Louis?: Wow, just wow

Jordan: SKYPE

Louis?: Okay, okay

Louis?: Chill

Jordan: Don't tell me what to do, you're not my mummy

Louis?: Haha okay

Jordan: Skype name?

Louis?: ...

Jordan: Tell meh

Louis?: louietommotman

Jordan: Ha! What even?

Louis?: Don't judge, Harry did it

Jordan: Sure

Louis?: meanie


jojomc: Hello

jojomc: It's meeeee

louietommotman: and you made fun of my name? Really?

jojomc: Yep

louietommotman: what does 'mc' stand for?

jojomc: McCyde, it's my last name

jojomc: Get it? 'mc' ?

louietommotman: yeah I got it

jojomc: okay


"Geez this takes forever to connect"

"Hey" Louis said running his fingers through his hair

"Shit. You're the real deal" I said, shocked

"And you doubted me" He said, pouting

'Damn he's so fine' I thought

"Don't drool too much babe" He said, winking

"I'm not drooling, especially not over you" I said crossing my arms

"That hurt" He laughed

"Harry's better" I lied

"The poster behind you begs to differ" Lou said laughing

"Shit, I thought I took it down yesterday" I said turning around but there was no poster

"Liar" I pouted

"I was only joking babe" He said smiling

'Fuck' I thought

"Hey, who are you talking to?" My older sister, Jenn, asked

"None of your business" I replied "Now be gone"

"No, is it a guy?" She squealed

"Mum! Jenn won't leave me alone!" I yelled

"Jenn, come down here, watch Tangled with your brother, sister, and I!" My mum yelled back and Jenn slowly walked away

"Ha!" I said as she slammed the door

I looked down at Louie to see he was messing with his sweatpants

"Bored?" I asked

"No" He replied looking at me

"Then what's wrong?" I asked

"Nothing" He said, fake smiling

"No, tell me what's bugging you" I said and he sighed

"It's just, you're really beautiful, funny, kind, and sassy but we'll probably never meet in person"

"Don't worry, Louis, I'm almost positive we'll see each other in person" I said smiling

"But what if I never get to hold you in my arms?!" He blurted out then his eyes widened

I giggled and he started turning red then he hung up


Jordan: So..

Louis: Sorry about hanging up on you, I just got really embarrassed

Jordan: Yeah, I know, your face was red

Louis: shut up

Jordan: Rude

Louis: I'm sorry

Jordan: Bye

Louis: No, I said sorry

Jordan: 'I was only joking babe'

Louis: Are you gonna quote everything I say?

Jordan: Maybe

Jordan: you'll just have to wait and find out

Louis: okay

Jordan: Well I'm gonna go to bed now, bye

Louis: Goodnight love

Jordan: Night


Louis: Morning lovely

Jordan: morning

Louis: Tired?

Jordan: yep, you?

Louis: not really

Louis: So um what's shaking bacon?

Jordan: I don't know

Louis: Haha, okay, I will admit that was terrible

Jordan: Yeah

Louis: What'd you dream about?

Jordan: A talking lobster going to the store and yelling "Lances, raise" to all the raw Turkey

Louis: Haha, odd

Jordan: I blame Bob's Burgers

Louis: Okay then

Jordan: What did u dream about?

Louis: you

Jordan: Awe, really?

Louis: Yep

Jordan: Your dream sounds better than mine, mainly 'cause I'm in it ;)

Louis: Haha you're so adorable

Jordan: Right?

Louis: Geez

Jordan: What? I like my face

Louis: ...

Jordan: Omg

Louis: What?

Jordan: Nevermind

Louis: tell me

Jordan: I was gonna say I sound like Zayn in fanfics

Louis: Don't mention his name in my presence

Jordan: Now do you see why I said 'Nevermind' ?

Louis: Yep

Jordan: We should call Zayn 'The One Who Shall Not Be Named' like from Harry Potter

Louis: Or shaved ice

Louis: 'Cause he shaved his head again

Jordan: Okay, it's better than 'Hair Gel'

Louis: weirdo

Jordan: Who are you calling 'weirdo'? Weirdo

Louis: You

Jordan: Yeah? Well you're a buttface

Louis: You wish

Jordan: Stop that

Louis: No

Jordan: Jerk

Louis: Whoa, jk bro, jk

Jordan: What. The. Bloody. Hell?

Louis: I don't know, okay?

Jordan: Okay

Jordan: Bye bye Tomlinson

Louis: Stop ending our convos like that

Jordan: You know you love it

Louis: Don't go

Jordan: I have to, but I'll talk to you later tho

Louis: Promise?

Jordan: Promise

Louis: Okay bye

Jordan: Byeeeee


Louis' P.O.V

"I love you" I whispered to the phone

"Why can't I just hold her in my arms tonight? Keep her heart from breaking? Hold her when she's sad or when she just wants to cuddle? Kiss her forehead when she falls asleep in my arms? Kiss her nose to make her giggle?" I asked then I threw the lamp at the wall

"Fuck my life" I yelled as I punched the wall, my knuckles started to hurt, I looked down and saw that my hand was bleeding



Poor Louie, he's just a frustrated, handsome, idiot in love lol

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