Started With A Wrong Number

After sending a text message to the wrong number, Louis decides that it would be fun to continue texting this wrong number, and eventually forms feelings for this girl he hasn't even met


4. Chapter Four

Chapter Four


Louie's P.O.V

I can't believe Jordan said she that loves me... Should I say it back? Should I ignore it? God I'm freaking out!

I heard my phone vibrate

"Omfg I just dropped my phone on my face!!"

I laughed to myself, she's so retarded.. And adorable


Louis. Oh no?

Jordan: "Oh no?"

Jordan: Seriously?!

Louis: Woah, calm down

Jordan: Okay

Louis: I can't believe that worked...

Jordan: ...

Louis: Sooo what's up?

Jordan: The sky, dude, we've been over this

Louis: I meant what are you doing?

Jordan: Talking to youuuu

Louis: Fun

Jordan: Yep, what're you doing?

Louis: Watching a film and talking to you

Jordan: Lameeeee

Louis: What?

Jordan: I'm just kidding boo

Louis: DUDE!

Jordan: WHAT?


Jordan: OMG! No freaking wayyyy

Louis: No listen to me, it flew straight into a tree, it was hilarious

Jordan: Hahahahahahahaha

Louis: It reminded me of you :)

Jordan: Wait, did you just call me stupid?!

Louis: I did it out of love babe!

Jordan: I hate you

Louis: I love you too

Jordan: Hate!

Louis: Love!

Jordan: Fine... Love

Louis: Yes! I win! :D

Jordan: You're such a buttface

Louis: Pfft you wish babe

Jordan: Would you stop doing that?!

Louis: Never in a million years

Jordan: Meanie

Louis: Eat my shorts!

Jordan: What the hell does that mean?

Louis: I dunno

Jordan: Okayyyy

Jordan: You're weird

Louis: Am not!

Jordan: Yes you are

Louis: You're so mean!

Jordan: Awe thanks boo

Louis: That was not a compliment

Jordan: I don't care

Louis: Ok

Jordan: Omg

Louis: What?

Jordan: Nothingggg

Louis: Tell me!

Jordan: Fineeee, here it goes... I like squirrels

Jordan: Man, feels good to finally get that off my chest

Louis: Wow okay

Jordan: They're so cute :)

Louis: I'll buy you a squirrel

Jordan: Really?!

Louis: Yes

Jordan: Yayyyyyy

Louis: You're so adorable

Jordan: I know

Louis: Can I ask you something?


I wonder what he's gonna ask ;)

By the way I'm writing a new story so that's way it took so long for me to finish this chapter... Sorry my lovelies <3

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