Started With A Wrong Number

After sending a text message to the wrong number, Louis decides that it would be fun to continue texting this wrong number, and eventually forms feelings for this girl he hasn't even met


5. Chapter Five

Chapter Five


Louis: Can I ask you something?

Jordan: Sure

Louis: I know we've just started talking and that we haven't met in person but I really think I've formed feelings for you, and I was wondering if maybe you'd like to be my girlfriend?

Jordan: hmmm let me think about it

Louis: Okay

Jordan: Yeah, I'll be your girlfriend

Louis: Really?

Jordan: Yes

Louis: Yayyyyyy

Louis: I mean.. Cool, cool

Jordan: Uh huh sure

Louis: Wow you're so mean

Jordan: I'm sorry

Louis: Apology accepted

Jordan: {attachment: 1 image}

Jordan: Louie, you're so pretty

Louis: So are you

Jordan: Yeah, but you're prettier

Louis: No, you are :)

Jordan: Louie, don't even argue with me, cause you know I'll win

Louis: You're right, okay?

Louis: I'm prettier

Jordan: Mmhmm

Louis: Happy?

Jordan: Very

Louis: Whatcha doing?

Jordan: Talking to youuu

Louis: Funnn

Jordan: Yep :)

Jordan: What about you?

Louis: I'm just talking to the prettiest girl ever

Jordan: Awe

Louis: :)

Jordan: LOUIS!

Louis: WHAT?!

Jordan: I like your face

Louis: Hahaha I like your face too

Jordan: Well duh, who doesn't like my face?

Louis: You're making it really hard to be romantic right now

Jordan: I sorry boobear

Louis: You sound like a toddler

Jordan: That's the point

Louis: Hahaha okay then

Jordan: Hey boobear guess what

Louis: What?

Jordan: Chicken butt, that's what

Louis: I don't even know how to respond to you

Jordan: Well is that a bad thing?

Louis: I don't know, you tell me

Jordan: Eh it just means I'm better than you

Louis: That doesn't even make sense

Jordan: So?

Louis: You- uh- oh my god

Jordan: Ha! I left you speechless!

Louis: Yeah because you're- never mind

Jordan: Because I'm better than you? Yeah, I know boo

Louis: Why did I even ask you to be my girlfriend?

Jordan: Um because you love me, obviously

Louis: True

Jordan: I have to go now, I have a job interview. Wish me luck boobear


Jordan: Hahaha I love you too!


Jordan: I got the job!!

Louis: Yay!

Jordan: But I have to work tomorrow

Louis: On a Saturday?!

Jordan: Yeahhh

Jordan: I'm probably going to kill some people

Jordan: And you have to help me hide the bodies!

Louis: Okay, okay, I'll help you hide the bodies

Jordan: Yayyy!!!

Louis: But if we get caught I'm blaming you entirely

Jordan: Fair enough

Louis: it's getting late love so I'm going to bed

Jordan: Okey dokey

Louis: Goodnight beautiful!! Sweet dreams!

Jordan: Goodnight boobear

*next morning*

Louis: Good morning love! Just wanted to wish you good luck before you go to work! xx

Jordan: I'm gonna die at work Louie

Louis: No you're not, it'll be fine babe, I promise

Jordan: Lair!

Louis: Whatever just have fun at work

Jordan: Blahhh

Louis: I love you

Jordan: I love you too boobear

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