Eternal Universe Of Mercury

A collection of my old and new poems.


61. #60 Kissing Death Is Realisation (27/04/15)

I want to flee
But my wings are broken
I can never be free
A beautiful bird is always caged
And ugly bird is always raged
I am no bird
I am some unknown being
I just want to be something
Which cannot be seen.

No one's satisfied
Life just keeps on rolling its reel
And when you have died
Then you wake up and all you do is feel
The sensation of real life
You missed so much
and now you're dead
It's all your fault that you were a bird greedy for bread
I am a bird
Without a name
I am no ugly
I can be tamed
I am no beautiful
But I know one thing about fame
That you won't understand what you missed
Unless it's death you have kissed.

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