Eternal Universe Of Mercury

A collection of my old and new poems.


56. #55 Society (11/05/15)

Shattered and broken
Hated and messed up
The thoughts are rotten 
And everything's twisted
Like my own mind
Let us free there entwined roots
Let the society not be blind.

Blind as we were always,
We tend make promises,
When we hold thy little fingers
In our own grown ones
We tend to break promises
When thy grow as majestic as us
Because we later realise
The society existed and it would be a fuss
If we are rebellious.

Rebels rise from the graves
But they are shut out
From the whole place
Into their underground
Holes, they used to stay in, back to the caves.

They take rebels and make them dig
Dig deeper and deeper trenches
Where they at last put them in
To quench their burning rage.

The society is a messed up place
Full of lies and cheats
Rebels try to shape
But then thy push them into shade
'Cause then for them 
Something goes out of shape 
For them, shaping is a blasphemy ,
A pure profanity
For their fake divinity. 

Society is orderly disordered 
A complete pack of sane insanity
Where lunatics rule and sane lives on gruel,
Where united division is taught
Where the strongest of brains forgot
What living is.

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