Eternal Universe Of Mercury

A collection of my old and new poems.


54. #53 Untitled (11/05/15)

I have no idea
How to shape this warped face
Leaking as the tears resurface
The confident eyes, the snapping lips
To reddened eyes and quivering lips.

I have lost all control
I have forgotten how to make a grip
Of all the strings of my puppet's role,
Scattered here and there,
Completely apart from from one another,
Completely biased on being pulled up and unfair
To balance my conscience of everything. 

I am lost and afraid
Of loosing myself,
My faith, my everything which I don't have
But will someday
My strings are broken 
And I lost my key
Which turned around in my back for me
To actually live my life. 

Everything is lost
And all that's left is my soul
Which would break too soon
Which would make my disappearance whole.

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