Eternal Universe Of Mercury

A collection of my old and new poems.


52. #51 The Walls Of Trapped Memories (19/05/15)

There is something about these walls

Which makes me feel elated

It fills the empty halls

Of my mind

It's just so much closely related 

To me, it's become a part of me

It's a part of my memory.

Walls are white, blank and emotionless

But these walls are different for me

When I touch it, I hear voices

Of laughter, cries and victory,

Everything that I went through

Now a memory

Trapped inside these empty walls

The bleak, chipped off plastered walls

Are not just made of bricks

They are for me made of thick, thick,

Experiences, gone through so many situations,

It has eyes and ears

And with it a heart so sweet,

And when I place my ear against it,

I could hear it beat. 

Yet there are times when we have to leave,

When we have to move away like always,

When after all these joys we have received, 

We have to make a different choice.

Away we go from the heart-full being, 

Trapping away our memories 

In these bleak and empty walls,

We fill our emotions, and without withdrawal,

It seeps away everything,

And keeps away our secrets 

Forever with it. 

The walls aren't just white bricks,

They are a part of someone's incomplete soul,

We don't know what someone hid,

Under it before they went away,

If you don't believe that walls keep secrets, walls have hearts too,

Then go to them and just try whispering, "Hey."

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