Eternal Universe Of Mercury

A collection of my old and new poems.


44. #43 Secrets Die Before You Know (10/06/15)

Is there somethig you're hiding
Underneath that skin?
A black heart maybe
Millions of black sins.

Is there something you want to say
Through those lips which dare to quiver?
Some nervous thoughts maybe
Some to cause a tremour.

Is there something you're afraid of
Although you always look so strong?
A little insect maybe
Or a ghost, if I am not wrong.

Don't just bury it beneath
The stars also do this
They shine and we devour it
But we know we can't touch them
Just say it
Before the tornado comes 
And snatches away your world.

Is there something you know?
Is there something which you're afraid to show?
Are you evil or are you kind?
We'll only know when we'll find
Who you are, what you do
The universe plays this game with us
Please don't, tell us
What you hide 
You need to confide
Or else the secrets die
With you
Before you even know...

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